In regard to sex and gender, there are three distinctions.

First is biological sex. It’s a binary, male and female. Any rare intersex condition is a genetic defect, an unfortunate corruption of nature. There is sperm, and there is egg, and the two types of bodies that generate them, and that’s it.

Second, there is spiritual sexual identity. There is definitely such a thing. When you die, your soul does not become neuter. Near-death experiencers do not report losing their idea of what gender they were in heaven or demanding to be addressed as “they/them” by the Being of Light. Angels are not neuter despite being incorporeal. I do not have to examine my body right now, and did not even when I was a little boy, to know with full certainty that I am male.

This soul gender is also binary. And here’s the crucial philosophical part. Spiritual gender is separate from biological sex, these are two quantitatively different things. But it is not distinct from biological sex, the two are qualitatively identical. The reason is that human ensoulment occurs in two ways: the rational part is either created by God or descends from heaven in a (re)incarnation into the body chosen by God. Now nature as it is in the world is partially corrupt and fails at least occasionally. Every manner of birth defect, sickness, vice occurs from time to time. But a direct act of God does not fail because God is good and fully competent. Hence it is impossible for a soul to be put into the “wrong body.” Hence no male soul is ever implanted into the body of a female or vice versa.

This does not imply that “gender dysphoria” is impossible. A bodily ailment or spiritual malady or a disharmony between soul and body can theoretically generate it. But even then it would cause a false perception of oneself, of what one truly is, a flaw in self-knowledge, to be treated with meditation or psychological therapy or prayer, not puberty blockers or surgery which merely add the disfigurement of the body to the intellectual error.

Finally, there’s masculinity and femininity in body and personality. This is a spectrum. To use Steve Sailer’s examples, Michael Jordan was not 100% masculine, and Sophia Loren was not 100% feminine. There is a vast variety of features and traits that admit variation in this gamut. Yet regardless of where you fall on it, you are either physically and spiritually male or physically and spiritually female.

Neither sex nor gender is a social construct. Masculinity and femininity to some extent are but only partially so, there are standards that are both universal and objective. It follows that transgenderism is a delusion or lie, transgender people do no exist. The entire movement is an aberration, pronouns are fantasies, she-males are autogynephilic pervs, and “trans children” are infected with a social contagion that spreads rapidly due to social media that must at all costs be suppressed.

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