Let’s delve a little deeper into soul gender. I stated that the soul gender is determined by the intellect. This must now be amended to the effect that the intellect is always joined with the will, and it is ultimately the (rational) will that sets gender.

The problem is how to accommodate the widely held idea that one can incarnate as either sex. Here’s how I believe it should be done.

There are two forms of love in the heart in every soul: masculine love and feminine love. I stand by my assertion that God never fails, and indeed if the soul incarnates in a male, the masculine love is turned on, and mutatis mutandis for a female, and this is done infallibly. Love is a form of light, but these two are not homogenous and do not mix.

The purpose of each incarnation is to grow one’s charity in either form. At death one’s soul gender in heaven in determined by the preponderance of masculine or feminine love. So it is possible to have the following scenario: one’s masculine love is very strong compared to one’s feminine love, then one incarnates as a woman and one’s feminine love increases during this life, but not enough to overshadow the masculine love. Then upon death and full integration of the mind, one’s soul gender in heaven will still be male.

Another reason for reincarnation that I have not yet mentioned is that heaven features perfect harmony between the blessed and God. But if Smith murdered Jones in this life, and they both end up in heaven, harmony may prove elusive, and mere forgiveness is not enough. Smith’s debt must be worked off. This can only be attempted in other incarnations.

Here is a symbol of love between a man and a woman.

The left line is the masculine love, going up to heaven to God the Father. The right is the feminine love, going down to “Mother Earth.” Falling in love is having your inactive love filled with the love of your partner, it’s literal interpenetration of souls, union and mutual indwelling. And this completeness brings ecstasy and zeal.

In the middle there is complementarity. I mention how the male soul goes on heroic quests to win the heart of the princess. So where there is valiant action on one side, there is waiting and longing on the other; where there is burning ambition, there is welcoming peace; where there is harsh competition, there is acceptance; where there is victory, there is surrender; where there is power, there is abdication; where there is danger in the darkness of evil, there is safety of home; where there is glory, there is humility.

Both loves are of course erotic toward each other; the masculine love is in addition fatherly, the feminine love, motherly. They cooperate in nontrivial ways to bring up their children well.

But here’s the kicker: even if somehow a man’s feminine love is activated, which God can do but never does, it does not produce homosexuality, gender dysphoria (if there is such a thing), hatred of one’s body, or a desire to bear children. One is never actually born in the wrong body, and even if, per impossibile, one were, that would not be the cause of the present trans mania.

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