Letter to Paul Gottfried

Dear Mr. Gottfried,

In your Lockean Libertarians vs. Hume-an Nature you make important points. What is it about some libertarians reducing everything to market exchanges? I'm all for laissez-faire, but come on, people have all sorts of desires, motivations, and loyalties. Now, as an immigrant myself I have seen the sort of folks who come to this country. Savages, many of them. The key to this problem then is that you simply do not allow Huns into the city of Rome. I got in. I was lucky. That doesn't mean anybody else should, at least not for a while.

Your book is next on my list, but for now I use this Fred Reed's quote to identify the people who compose the "managerial state":

Really [the country is] run by a vague cloud oozing out of Harvard, an ill-defined class consisting of academics, bureaucrats, the media, and their allies and prisoners. They control all the rest. Best I can tell, it's not an organized conspiracy, with black helicopters and little transmitters planted in peoples' teeth. It's just a bunch of people who all think the same things and figure they know better than everybody else and don't want to let anyone else play.

It is puzzling to me why these people feel necessary to denounce whites and their culture. Do they really believe it, or have they simply no honor? The elites are never stupid (they wouldn't last very long otherwise), so I must assume they are at war with their own people. There is always the possibility that this thing is religiously motivated (the "Cosmic Race"?), rather like communism, but who can tell what people really think?

Further, it's not only that immigrants have no interest in classical liberalism, commit more crimes, or go on welfare (and how!), but that Americans of European descent, who collectively own the territory [i.e. determine the political system -- D.C.] of the United States, naturally prefer the company of their own. Why must they be forcibly integrated with people they don't want to have around? In fact, they won't be, massive brainwashing notwithstanding, and will retreat farther away from the coastal states into the Heartland. At some point the country will simply break apart. The consequences could be terrible; we will be lucky to avoid a civil war.

In short, nobody chooses the society he's born into, and everyone wants to improve his lot, but that does not mean that Americans must accommodate everyone, or anyone, for that matter. People are profoundly unequal, particularly in their abilities to create good societies. The 20th century has been spent in despicable attempts to enforce equality. It was a bad idea then, and it's a bad idea now. The other nations must be left to their own devices.


Dmitry Chernikov

September 8, 2001

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