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Commanding nature by obeying it

Smashing John Rawls In this eBook, I deal with the system of the philosopher John Rawls and show that his device of the original position is either entirely barren or, when rightly understood, outputs libertarianism or specifically for economics, laissez-faire capitalism.

Rawls has had a significant influence on the development of modern liberal thought. Here I take him down a notch.

By which I mean I destroy him utterly.

We’ll discuss:

  • The actual reasons why the original position is intriguing;
  • The correct form of utilitarianism called “lawgiver utilitarianism,” and how the OP must be paired with it;
  • The “just” distribution of:
    1. liberties;
    2. opportunities;
    3. income and wealth;
    4. social bases of self-respect;
  • The nature of the market process;
  • The welfare state;
  • Democracy;
  • And much more!

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