Entrepreneurship is like this: if you do even one thing wrong, you’ll most definitely fail.

If you do everything right, you may succeed, but there are no guarantees.

Do you think it’ll work to sic the Jews on Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)?

‘Cause let’s be honest: getting Holocausted messed up most surviving Jews bad and turned them into mean (and stiff-necked) bastards.

Perhaps they’ll make do for cracking down on that atheist-jihadist bitch.

A high-tech sex toys maker has turned into a weird leftist fanatic.

I guess the principle is: if an ideology feels good, promote it.

Puzzle: In a certain small village there are 1 tailor and 2 blacksmiths.

The tailor commits a murder, and an eyewitness who saw it is about to testify in court.

The smart thing for the witness to do is lie and accuse one of the blacksmiths.


When the division of labor becomes more intensive — when people specialize increasingly more narrowly; and more extensive — with a greater number of people united into global social cooperation complementing each other — general prosperity rises, and consumers are better served.

Therefore, let us become even more dependent on foreign oil.

The entire purpose of biodiversity is to give man a wide choice over:

1) which species to domesticate and multiply for his profit, and

2) which to wipe out as his enemies or as useless freeloaders on his scarce resources.

The Miracle Hill Ministries, a Christian-only adoption agency, has set itself up for this fiasco by taking government (both federal and state) money.

They receive stolen property from the state, yet wish to be independent of its various designs.

They made a deal with the devil, and now they refuse to do their part of the bargain. It doesn’t work this way.

The ACLU, of course, is in part making it so. It’s using the idea that any private entity that has any connection with the government whatsoever is immediately entangled into the state’s regulatory morass.

This is false, because by taking government subsidies one is merely morally compromised but not legally indebted to the state.

Miracle Hill thus occupies an intermediate position: it is neither free nor a fully-owned bureaucratic subsidiary of the state that is commanded by some department head. Only if it were the latter would the ACLU’s argument go through.

(It is true though that a subsidy is an interventionist measure that is unstable and logically tends towards either laissez-faire or socialism.)

In addition, the ACLU seems to believe that the state should be officially atheist:

States have an obligation to care for children in the public child-welfare system.

When they hire agencies to care for them… they should not be using religious criteria to deny children access to families that they desperately need.

Who came up with that piece of political philosophy? Lenin?

Oh no! Federal looting has stopped for a few days! Well, sort of. They’re still taxing; they’re just not spending.

Here’s a typical complaint:

The [Securities and Exchange Commission’s] constrained operations means pending investigations in securities violations have ground to a halt, and there is no one reviewing applications for company stock offerings to raise cash or consider merger and acquisition filings.

Well, just go on and offer stock, merge, and acquire while ignoring it! Maybe the shutdown will be permanent, and the government will disappear.

Then there won’t be anyone to persecute people for (horrors!) merging without permission.