• It’s an odd thing that people now talk of World War 2 as if it were about the Jews.

    WW2 was, you know, an enormous global war between many nations, with huge land, sea, and air battles and machines guns and tanks and bombs and tactics and strategy and politics and so on.

    The enslavement of the Jews, however significant as an instance of human depravity, was an afterthought.

    I don’t even understand why Jews bring up the Holocaust so readily. It’s a shameful episode in the history of the nation of Israel. The British and Soviets resisted the Germans and eventually overpowered them, winning the war. The Jews, pathetically, marched into gas chambers like sheep.

  • Obama or Trump or whoever is not “your president.” He is the chief bureaucrat of the executive branch of the federal government. He runs this branch (nominally), but he does not run the country, and, unless you are a lower federal employee, he does not run your life. He is not your boss. There are such things as civil society and private lives independent of the state.

    Let us not conflate society with state, as though “we are the government, and the government is us.” But we are not worms in the belly of a totalitarian Leviathan that controls all aspects of our lives. We the people do not work for the state.

    Nor, at the same time, does the state work for the people. The state is its own independent organization with its own ends, such as to loot you and to subjugate and rule the world.

  • Only the US state should be allowed to own nukes.

    You see, the ultimate threat of nuclear incineration for disobedience to the empire must be heeded by all lesser nations.

  • Marijuana legalization will:

    – empty the prisons,
    – reduce the costs of law enforcement and redirect policing efforts toward property crimes,
    – reduce obvious injustices like civil asset forfeitures,
    – reduce street drug violence,
    – reduce overall drug potency and impurity,
    – reduce dangerous overdoses including of prescription drugs,
    – decrease instances of police corruption,
    – increase the people’s respect for the law,

    and on and on the social benefits go.

    Here’s another benefit, for example: legalization will change the mentality of cops who now think they are soldiers fighting a drug “war” against an enemy population.

  • It would be easier for me to be compassionate toward the Official Victim Groups, if those groups did not hate my guts as, say, a straight white male.

    The talk of compassion may be a backhanded way of sabotaging a society based on private ownership of capital. “Bake my cake,” says a homosexual, “or go to jail.” That’s not a recipe for harmonious co-existence.

  • Under Drug Prohibition, once the drugs have increased in potency and decreased in quality, perhaps even more people than under freedom ruin their lives through abuse.

    That’s apart from other bad consequences of prohibition.

    Again, if, as the prohibitionists tell us, heroin is not a regular good like peanuts but inflicts grave harms on the user, then having it mutate into a super-potent super-rotten version on the black market is the exact opposite of what we want.

  • There was a meme that was trying to draw a parallel between taxation forcing you to surrender a portion of your income and reality “forcing” you to “work, because you need money for food and shelter.”

    I’m not sure how the two are at all similar. A social system is possible where there is no taxation; no system is possible where people don’t work.

  • Women’s understanding of economic laws is sorely lacking.

    I demand equality.

    No, I am embracing feminism and demand that women get economics better than men! More women in the positions of powerful and eloquent professors of correct economics!

  • Blacks care little about victims, including their own; that’s why they commit so much crime;

    but they have learned well that whites do care, and pretend to be victims in order to elicit the predictable response from whites.

    Black victimology is mostly an act.