China, please, spy on the US more and bribe more US bureaucrats and officials.

You need to soften them up so they are less aggressive and prevent world war 3 or a new cold war.

The war party, i.e., both the Dems and the Reps, want the militarist imperial racket to continue by whipping up hate against an external enemy. Hopefully, the Chinese will be able to neutralize these killers.

This is not an “ideological war” between “capitalism and communism.” If China were now communist, it would still be wretchedly poor and irrelevant. The only reason why the propagandists are calling China a threat is that it is becoming prosperous which is the direct result of its being capitalist. They are afraid of the competition and want to shut it down with violence.

We need China and its productive might as much as China needs us. We need to cooperate and trade with them for mutual benefit, and that requires unconditional peace and friendly relations.

In any case, we have much more to fear from the homegrown Democommunists than from the CCP.

If Biden were smart and really wanted to “unite” America (whatever that means), his first act in office would be to pardon Trump.

In the free market system, there are no “oppressed victims”; there are only losers whose lamentable defeats are entirely their own fault and shame.

The Democrats are impeaching Trump again 7 days before he leaves office.

Are we really to be spared nothing?!

Especially given that they’re accusing Trump of what Biden has done: take power illegitimately.

There is a totalitarian impulse here: to crush, humiliate, and terrorize the enemy utterly. The meme that they’re after you, and Trump is merely in the way is entirely true.

Nozick writes:

But wouldn’t Job then have been justified in replying in outrage, “What! You mean you were using me to demonstrate something to Satan? You killed my wife and sons and cattle and tormented me merely because Satan wandered by?” …

… it was wrong of God to allow this, to treat Job’s life and that of his family, virtuous people, merely as educational material for Satan.

In the first place, God did not kill anyone, Satan did. Nor did God command Satan to harm Job; He merely allowed it.

Further, Satan argued: “Is it for nothing that Job is God-fearing? Have you not surrounded him and his family and all that he has with your protection?” (Job 1:9-10) This protection was God’s to give and God’s to take; Job did not have a right to be specially blessed by God. For God to withdraw this privilege according to his own counsel was not morally wrong.

Further, I could kidnap Nozick, put him in a hole on my land, and torment him, and God would (probably) not stop me. Satan is God’s creature who happens to hate humans, but Satan has as much freedom (for now before he is locked up in hell) to do as he pleases as I. If it pleases him to destroy humans, then God will not interfere into our war. Satan always had the power to afflict Job however he wanted; far from being guilty, God restrained Satan by saying “do not lay a hand on him.” Satan might never even have bothered with Job but singled him out for his trials because God mentioned Job first.

Nozick then advances some fantastic theories of why God asserted His glory in the end of the book (such as “God is in the middle of a hostile environment, sheltering us from outside forces, and bringing us along to the point where we can help him”).

But the essence of the story is not to murmur against the divine providence even in the face of great misfortunes. Whatever happens to you, remember that God is good.

Trump: Arrest all congressmen, all Supreme Court judges, and temporarily throw them into prison;

lower all federal taxes to zero;

end the Federal Reserve;

dismiss the military;

and finally abolish the federal government itself and yourself abdicate the presidency.

“There is no more warfare, and no more welfare. You’re free.”

A genuine accusation is not Satanic at all; it is simply (when true) an unremarkable statement like “he has sinned” or “he has committed a crime.”

An accusation the devil is likely to make is different. It has the form “he is untested by life”; “if I were to set the stage right, then he would sin”; “if tempted, he would succumb to temptation”; “he is weak and deserves contempt, and I will prove it.”

The accuser in the book of Job did not make the first kind of accusation: Job was “blameless and upright man… who feared God and avoided evil.” (Job 1:1) But he did make the second, arguing: “But now put forth your hand and touch all that he has, and surely he will curse you to your face.” (Job 1:11)

It need not be a sin to accuse another of a past crime; this is done virtuously every day. But it is a sin to tempt another to commit a future crime, and this is partly why Satan is an enemy of man.

There is a subtlety here that in overcoming temptations, man grows stronger. Is Satan therefore in a way a friend? No, says St. Thomas: “That the demons are useful to us is due not to their intention but to the ordering of Divine providence; hence this leads us to be friends, not with them, but with God, Who turns their perverse intention to our profit.” (ST, II-II, 25, 11, reply 3)

“… what begins here [in California] spreads elsewhere, but, at the same time, what ends here ends elsewhere,” such as the recently rejected affirmative action, says David Cole.

Is California populated entirely by fanatical idealists whose fiery will triumphs no matter the obstacles?

Perhaps if the fanatics could be taught some economics, our woes might diminish?

Political correctness is not “etiquette” or “being nice” or “respect” but an attempt on the part of the power elite to prevent people from learning and speaking the truth.

The politically correct are intellectual zombies and as such are implacable enemies of mankind.