One reason why people refuse to allow any suggestion that the vaccines are ineffective is that that would lead to a kind of helplessness, an admission that there is no easy technological fix.

We have to rely on our bodies and our physical fitness to ward of the disease.

And in our present hi-tech society this is outmoded and unprogressive.

Hail Pfizer full of grace, the Government is with thee. Blessed art thou among the pharmaceutical companies, and blessed is the fruit of thy research, the vaccine…

Say this 10 times tonight as your penance for anti-vaxxing.

Regarding public goods, why can’t we say that in our “imperfect world” while most of the time justice and welfare are in harmony with each other, sometimes they conflict? In such a case we can have one or the other but not both.

Buchanan denied that taxation is an injustice, and Rothbard argued that we don’t need the government providing public goods. Are both opinions evading the issue?

A more genuine headline about the Waukesha murders would be:

“Evil, Disgusting Nigger Kills Five Beautiful White People.”

Instead we get

“Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.”

“100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches,” says the Expose.

I think they’re putting different stuff in different vials to kill people in different ways, hoping that this will throw investigators off the trail. Or perhaps they’re testing different bioweapons.

There is an objection to this line of reasoning. If they wanted to commit mass genocide, it would make sense to kill people slowly and undetectably. Why draw attention to the plan by killing some people quickly?

Well, maybe they, perhaps mistakenly, thought they could blame these deaths on Covid itself and thus stoke the fear and encourage people to get the shot. Anyway, how can we hope fully to understand depraved minds?

The Cold War was marked by a real threat of nuclear war. Many people lived in fear of nuclear annihilation.

For example, as a boy in the former Soviet Union, every time I’d hear the sound of an airplane flying above, I’d dread it as I thought it was going to drop a bomb on us.

The war was avoided, but it could have happened. Very easily. And if it had, maybe 80% of the world’s population would have died, and the survivors would have envied the dead.

In light of this, what’s so implausible about the current depopulation project going on? Lots of people want to kill other people, witness the recent Waukesha murders, for example. Some people want to kill themselves. And others want to destroy the world. And a few of these latter can and are in process of achieving their goals right now.

The only difference between Darrell Brooks and Bill Gates is that Brooks is weak and the damage he can do is therefore limited, while Gates wields enormous wealth and power and hence can do serious harm to billions.

We in America have enjoyed three decades of relative peace and prosperity after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Perhaps we have forgotten how evil humans can be and how brutal, cruel, and dark this world really is. We are about to be taught a harsh lesson about this.

It’s misinformation to question the vaccine also because we are at war with COVID.

Sowing doubt among the troops, even well-justified doubt, is forbidden.

Yes, many will die from the vaccines, but those are casualties of war, regrettable but unavoidable.

Everyone must sacrifice for the greater good and not only get vaxxed himself but promote the vaccine to others.

They must believe the lie.

Such is the argument. One odd thing is that soldiers who die for their country are honored, and their families are provided for, but vaccine victims are held in contempt. This may again be because the cultists think that the mere acknowledgment of mass casualties will deter the still unvaxxed.

It’s “misinformation” to ask questions about athletes having heart attacks from the vaccine (how is a request for information misinformation?), because we live in a video game, and the vaccine is a magic potion crafted by the good wizard Merlin which, if you take it, will restore your health and mana.

And even if you die from it, you’ll just resurrect at the nearest graveyard.

The mass poisoning of the world is essentially a fait accompli. If the main part of the culling will be occurring in the next couple of years, what will be the consequences?

There will be a massive economic disruption. It’s not just that there will be fewer workers producing fewer widgets on an assembly line. In many factories, many workers have unique skills in attending to various machinery essential to production. They cannot easily be replaced, and in the catastrophe they will not be, and all production will grind to a halt.

Many of the surviving workers, lacking complementary factors and facing closing businesses, will lose their jobs.

And what of business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs? They too will be dying off. With no one is change, operations will cease.

The supply chain is arranged into a vast interlocking structure or network. It will be completely broken. If business A produces widget X that business B uses in the production of Y, and A folds, then B is in trouble.

Certainly if many farmers are vaccinated and kick the bucket, there will be food shortages.

Gas and energy will be in short supply.

As cops and judges drop dead, law and order in the remaining communities will suffer.

Without garbagemen, trash will be piling up everywhere, and there will be increased pollution (contrary to the globalists’ aims of “saving the planet”).

It will be difficult to bury so many dead especially if the undertakers themselves are dead.

There will be a serious problem of what to do with large numbers of unvaccinated orphans whose vaccinated parents have died.

Even the internet may be shut down since it too requires highly skilled workers and a functioning supply chain in order to function.

If most of the soldiers die too, America will be wide open for invasion such as by the Chinese. The UN troops may end up being deployed to “restore order.”

On the plus side, this will reduce the size of government by killing off the bureaucrats and reducing tax revenues.

Also, if you’re planning to buy a house, property values will drop, in fact there will be tons of unowned houses to be homesteaded.