Pro-lifers should not associate with bad orange man, say Damon Linker.

Supposedly, this will tarnish the “civil right” roots of the anti-abortion movement.

But the civil rights approach was rotten from the start, and it is long past due to abandon it.

In any case, Trump has never sought to repeal any of the civil privileges falsely called “rights.” This is just more Trump Derangement.

“Libertarianism is just white supremacy,” says a crazy person on Twitter.

This is Marxian polylogism updated for the woke.

For Marx, the economists who demolished the socialist idea were mistaken because in their personal lives they led a bourgeois lifestyle.

Libertarians are mostly white people, and these white people, the woke believe, are wrong by virtue of being white.

I should not have to point out that libertarianism of course is no one’s supremacy; or perhaps individual supremacy, with the individual being the smallest minority who is free from the supremacy of the state, or even in economic terms, consumer sovereignty, with each individual commanding the economy as a consumer.

Thanks to Tom Woods.

Remember there are 3 ways for the US gov’t to finance budgets deficits.

First is to borrow on the loan market, which will raise interest rates and may cause a recession.

Second is to monetize debt from the Fed, which is inflationary. This may interfere with “monetary policy.”

Third is to borrow money from foreign central banks. The two keys to that are (1) a relatively strong economy, and (2) keeping the dollar the “world reserve currency,” specifically the currency oil producers most willingly take for their oil. As long as everyone needs dollars to buy energy, foreign central banks will have to keep dollars and may want to loan them back to the US as a safe investment.

The third way may give rise to trade deficits, as we buy a lot more stuff with our new money than we sell. The problem with those is that if America grows lazy and stops producing goods, instead “producing” only money, and foreigners realize they can’t spend their dollars on anything pleasant, the demand for dollars will collapse and devaluation will folow.

The state will alternate between these three methods to maintain its “health.”

The power elites of this world are: finance, media, and the state.

Finance produces bread and sugar for the body.

Media produces lies — circuses, propaganda, fake news — for the the mind.

And the state produces fear for the heart.

They want you physically weak, sick, and addicted; deceived; and afraid. By these means they keep you subdued and enslaved.