If solutions to novel global problems like pollution and overexploitation of oceans and space trash are possible in the near future, they will come from America.

They will not come from Sweden whose people are too busy being “happy,” i.e., evenly rotating in their meaningless boring almost-stationary economy.

Nor will they come from Venezuela or North Korea, what with both of these nations being useless to the world entirely.

I would say that still America’s virtues outweigh its vices.

There is a “connection between priests who abuse minors and priests who are sexually active with adults. Toleration of the latter sin has made it harder to detect, criticize, and root out the former,” says Rev. Thomas V. Berg in an article “The Problem of Sexually Active Priests.”

I have a solution. Cut off the cocksuckers’ balls.

We can even make it into a new sacrament. Every Sunday, newly discovered homo- / pedo-priests will be paraded in chains before the public and castrated.

All the news we are hearing about Venezuela stress the economic crisis there: socialism, hyperinflation, price controls and shortages, mass emigration, etc.

Nothing else of any interest is happening in that country. Venezuela has cut itself off from the global economy.

But capitalism is not a spigot one can freely turn off by establishing slave-socialism, then have an exciting little disaster as perhaps some edifying lesson for posterity, and finally reluctantly turn it back on.

It’ll take decades for Venezuela to recover even under the best conditions. And relief for the people is not in sight.

It’s not that the mainstream media outlets and the people in them all “think alike”;

rather, they are alike only in failing to think for themselves at all and instead in regurgitating the points made by the fashionable second-rate intellectuals.

Headline: “France sends medical aid to Assad’s Syria after deal with Russia.”

That’s miserable propaganda right here, to refer to “Assad’s Syria” or to “Putin’s Russia.”

In fact, there are only Syria’s Assad and Russia’s Putin, just as there is America’s Trump rather than Trump’s America.

Again, it’s not the case that “France” has made a deal with “Russia”; instead, the French government is dealing with the Russian government.

Bernie Sanders would be far better if he were more corrupt. It would mean that in practice he would not be taking his socialist ideas seriously.

Two wrongs can make a right; an insane vampire is better than either a sane vampire or an insane human.

God save us from righteous socialists!

The degradation of humanity found in the murder of Jesus did not spare even Peter who denied the Lord three times.

That does not mean there is any “equality” between men and their spiritual eminence.

Some are better than others. Some are glorified, even as others are shamed.

“… they accepted them and truly understood that I came from you, and they have believed that you sent me. I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for the ones you have given me, because they are yours…” (Jn 17:8-9)

Some Central and Eastern European nations are turning to Christianity.

They desperately seek something in their distant past to hang on to in order to atone for their socialist crimes and self-destructive ideologies.

However, they wouldn’t know the Church from Comintern, and Christ from Stalin if their lives depended on it.

All they can do is imitate clumsily and without understanding a tradition that existed hundreds of years ago and which they in the 20th century destroyed utterly.

It is proper for Europe to be wiped out by hordes of alien migrants; and good riddance. They are not fit to survive.

“Herod and Pilate became friends that very day, even though they had been enemies formerly.” (Lk 23:12)

They became “brothers” in evil and perversion. In other words, they became gay, energetically fucking each other in the ass.