In general, whether the government in something is being evil, stupid, or both needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

A big error people make is thinking that politicians love them and seek their good. This is emphatically not so!

Politicians fight for power, for their own personal reasons, but usually in order to kill, torture, bully, and persecute others.

Libertarians find themselves in the position of defending each man’s liberty to become a disgusting pervert.

However, that only shows that not all uses of freedom are virtuous or successful.

It does not prove that on the whole liberty is inferior to statism. Perhaps allowing some filth to be produced is the price we pay for the glory of human achievements more generally.

In any event, (1) vices are not crimes, and we don’t want politicians — the most vicious people of all — in charge of moral uplift;

(2) as Mises points out, entirely correctly,

The moral corruption, the licentiousness and the intellectual sterility of a class of lewd would-be authors and artists is the ransom mankind must pay lest the creative pioneers be prevented from accomplishing their work.

Freedom must be granted to all, even to base people, lest the few who can use it for the benefit of mankind be hindered.

The license which the shabby characters of the quartier Latin enjoyed was one of the conditions that made possible the ascendance of a few great writers, painters and sculptors.

The first thing a genius needs is to breathe free air. (ACM, 85-6)

Paul Cantor mentions a startling fact: “One week of television puts on more productions than the Greek dramatists put on in one hundred years.” Even if 99% of modern art is trash (which is way too harsh of an assessment), the amount of good stuff is still enormous in the absolute terms.

From a recent Kent State Magazine:

The second synemin protein, kinase A (PKA) participates in a cascade of events that, among numerous other things, allows muscle cells to respond to hormonal signals such as the release of adrenaline.

This is a particularly complex set of events…

Yeah. Blind watchmaker, my eye.