“Poor Jesus,” I thought. “He died 3 times for the world.”

“But, wait a minute,” I checked myself. “Jesus is not poor; He is very rich.”

He drives a great big car, smokes a big cigar
Looks like a king and he acts like a star:

As to contemplative happiness, God possesses a continual and most certain contemplation of Himself and of all things else;

and as to that which is active, He has the governance of the whole universe.

As to earthly happiness, which consists in delight, riches, power, dignity, and fame…, He possesses joy in Himself and all things else for His delight;

instead of riches He has that complete self-sufficiency, which is promised by riches;

in place of power, He has omnipotence;

for dignities, the government of all things;

and in place of fame, He possesses the admiration of all creatures. (ST, I, 26, 4)

So… yeah.

The purpose of legal abortion on demand would seem to be to ensure that no irritating obstacle like pregnancy should interfere with a woman’s sacred right to whore herself.

But that’s probably a false explanation. It’s not so much women who sacrifice their unborn children on the altar of their cruel sexual pleasure god. Easily available abortions are much more in the narrow (though not really rightly understood) interests of men who would love it to have a large contingent of whores around.

When a woman has an abortion, it is often her boyfriend who insists on it and pays for it.

A question for “democratic socialists”: what if the democratic decision-making rule yields un-socialistic results?

In other words, what will you do if the people democratically, or even overwhelmingly, reject socialism?

At one point, I entertained the theory that the purpose of white people is to uplift the niggers and other savages and then disappear.

From God’s point of view, we are only a means to an end.

This theory bit the dust a few seconds later as soon as I realized just how much effort white people have expended through their wars and crazy statism precisely to debase blacks et al.