“Darwinists are fiercely defensive, suggesting doubt of their own position. People seldom become infuriated at doubts of something that they believe with genuine certainty,” says Fred Reed.

I like it that Hillary took the nomination away from Bernie in 2016 by underhanded means.

Sweet corruption. Let the disgusting commie be eaten by his own freaks.

I wish to repost the following important distinction:

Grace of the intellect, faith, builds on nature: the knowledge is one edifice, but can be separated into rational and revealed.

Grace of power, hope, becomes nature: power is one and without any distinguishable parts of “yours” vs. “God’s”: what you can do, you can do seamlessly.

Grace of the will, charity, wounds nature: charity pierces the heart and breaks our self-sufficiency as we learn to love. The greater your natural gifts, the more humble your servitude in the state of grace.

So, I’m in the car listening to radio, and a song is playing, and I’m like, “This is a nice song, almost as if it were Spencer Day,” and of course at the end I find out it was.

It’s called “Missing Tonight.”

This guy will go places and should.

I’ve long been amazed by electronic car navigating devices like Garmin’s, for example.

On reflection, there are 3 reasons for it. First, many tools, like a chainsaw or tractor, extend the range of human power but still require to be competently operated by the user. The navigator, on the other hand, completely takes over this function of reason. No skills are required to use it.

Second, not only does it replace me 100%, but it does the job vastly better than I ever could, even if I were sitting in the passenger seat buried in paper maps.

Finally, on ships the navigator in a manner of speaking exceeds even the captain in rank, since the navigator tells the captain where to go, commanding him. A tool would normally obey my commands, but in this case the machine rules me. I keep left when it tells me to keep left; I turn when it tells me to turn. The navigator is the brain; I am just the muscle.

In addition, it’s very easy to keep the device up to date, which keeps it functional for many years.

These facts make it seem as if the navigator is alive. Astonishing!

Who punishes the wicked souls in the afterlife? Well, demons do.

Even at its best, then, simply as an institution of punishment for crimes, the state is a demonic enterprise.

And given how it abuses its powers in coercively interfering with everything under the sun, it is indeed the greatest stronghold of Satan.

I was just reflecting on how the humble desktop PC is at present the most sophisticated of all human creations.

It’s not just the enormous complexity of the entire huge stack, from the physics of raw hardware to the most abstract software code.

It’s also the sheer number of resources — labor, time, etc. — all over the world devoted to one way or another servicing that little box under my desk.

“Giving it 110%” may sound kind of stupid, because it’s impossible for anything literally to give 110%.

But it can be understood as follows: by giving it 100% now, you can improve your future performance by 10%.