Many modern technologies, including things as different as nukes and smartphones, are on the whole bad for society.

When blacks a few decades from now finally murder all white people, these blacks, having no idea how these things, or indeed any other artifact of civilization, work, will throw them in the trash.

Then, without white people to keep them on welfare, 98% of the blacks will starve to death, and the rest will return to primitive subsistence hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

The world will finally breathe free.

When I was building my first DIY computer in September 2012, solid state drives cost 80 cents per gigabyte, 10 times more than old HDD. Now they are less than just 20 cents.

As I write in my book, “wage and price deflation is a human right.”

The masses are more “ready for liberty” now than at any time in the past throughout the whole human history.

Every race and every nation is like a unique remarkable flower in God’s garden.

Except blacks. Blacks are just grass.