If the ideas of the Politically Correct were true, one might forgive them their repressive designs on us.

But these ideas are in fact atrocious nonsense. Typically, the PC fight — and repress — for lies. How are we supposed to refute them after they’ve unjustly shut us up?

What’s “common era” (CE)? What’s common to the common era that was not common before the common era?

On the contrary, the time BCE was common in that all humans were equally unredeemed.

CE is uncommon, insofar as Jesus has saved the sheep that He loves but not the goats.

I’ll pay the following compliment to the federal government: its Treasury is the only non-fractional-reserve bank in the country.

In an old Simpsons episode, “The Springfield Files,” the confused and irradiated Mr. Burns appears before the multitudes and says, “I bring you love.”

Dr. Hibbert replies, “Is that the love between a man and a woman, or the love of a man for a fine Cuban cigar?”

Well, regarding love for God, it’s both and more.

Someone made a good point that feminism has taught women that the consensual nature of a sexual intercourse is both necessary and sufficient for the sex to be Ok.

Now of course that is false: consensual sex can be degrading and even sinful.

But, unable to distinguish between consensual holy sex and consensual wicked sex, and yet remaining ill at ease with their lamentable promiscuity, a lot of women by now have resorted to accusing their lovers of rape.

Thus, to their ideological stupidity such women have added an injustice, since consensual sex, whether morally good or bad and indeed even if a woman “regrets” it, is legally perfectly fine.