Libertarian political candidates almost never receive more than 2% of the vote; so 98% of Americans are thoroughgoing statists.

Even if by Herculean effort libertarians become 50% more popular, 3% of the vote is obviously still nothing to write home about.

I don’t understand why libertarians even attempt to get on the ballots. The failure of our ideology as regards influencing the public is so complete that I think libertarian electoral politics is 100% a waste of time.

“All power to the Soviets” was a Russian revolutionary slogan. A soviet (совет) means “council” and also “advice.” So, the revolutionaries wanted “power” to go to workers councils, such as those running the factories newly expropriated from entrepreneurs.

This was, of course, unworkable nonsense, and all power went instead to the dictator and party chiefs who alone approved the “central plan” which every factory had to obey. The “councils” disappeared posthaste.

But if we interpret “soviets” as city councils, the slogan sounds like a libertarian clarion call for radical decentralization. Destroy, in the US, both the federal and state governments, and vest all remaining political power in local governments.

Guard dogs are rational, says James Chastek, as cops are, too.

Another analogy to society’s Platonic guardians would be the body’s immune system.

All the progress in economics and political philosophy in the past 3,000 years has consisted in attempts to prevent autoimmune disorders in the city.

“Democratic” for the leftists is some sort of code word that means “good.”

Thus, “democratic socialism” = good socialism or socialism “with a human face” or caring-and-sharing kind of socialism marked by universal brotherly (oh wait, that’s not PC) love, etc.

It literally has nothing to do with majority rule or voting or local self-government or anything of that sort.

Tom Woods’ latest emails:

1) Education bureaucrats publicly lie, that “without government we wouldn’t have education,” and privately resist any market innovation that might undercut their power.

It’s not part of the central their own personal plans, you see.

2) The leftists and rightists hate libertarians more than they hate each other.