Yet another person forced to grovel before the fanatical SJWs for an innocent but apparently un-PC statement.

There are multiple stories like this being broken every day. The fake news media so enjoy humiliating the recalcitrant to bring order to the galaxy… I mean, love for the oppressed.

I am not seeing our politically correct comrades who inveigh so much about “hate speech” themselves engage in any love speech.

They are too busy suppressing other people’s thoughts to bother to do any personal works of mercy.

My preference that, if the government is to regulate abortions, then it should outlaw abortions after quickening yet no sooner than that, would probably upset both the anti- and pro-abortionists.

The former, because the overwhelming majority of abortions occur long before quickening; in fact, in the first few days after conception. Setting the legal limit to abortion at 15-20 weeks would make over 95% of all abortions legal.

The latter, because pro-choicers are fanatically committed to defending the “right” of the woman to kill her unborn child up until the very hour of its birth. They are not interested in philosophical arguments or compromise.

That the federal government is “corrupt,” such as that bureaucrats fail to follow their own rules, is true but is also completely irrelevant to the rest of the country.

The scandals we are treated to daily in Washington’s perpetual chaos need interest only those who look at politics as a sporting event and follow it for fun or to root for their own “team.”

Corruption is state of affairs where the system is mostly good and works, yet manifests a few imperfections due to, we might say, man’s “fallen nature.” A politician takes bribes; an official mismanages a department; too much money is spent on a local public good — trivial stuff like that.

But if the entire federal government is rotten, root and all three of its ugly branches, there is nothing healthy or sound left to be corrupted. The state as a whole is illegitimate and must be destroyed.

In such a case, corruption can even be a blessing: “But for the inefficiency of the law-givers and the laxity, carelessness, and corruption of many of the functionaries, the last vestiges of the market economy would have long since disappeared,” argues Mises.

Otherwise, corruption is just entertainment and at best a reality check to the pathetic idealists who idolize coercion.

I mean, maybe there should not be government-owned forests in the first place. That would be an interesting research project of value to every citizen and to libertarians specifically.

But as long as we have government forests, must we be enslaved to crazies who, by demanding that the forests essentially be abandoned, bring fiery hell on our communities?

A murderer just kills the body; the leftists, by calling people “haters,” literally send them to hell or would if they could.

Murder pales in comparison with this crime.

My guess is that unless the leftists shut up and beg for forgiveness, the rest of us will have to kill them.

Or at least physically remove them.

I mean, we can’t allow them to destroy innocent souls with these insane horrible accusations. To kill them physically is a far smaller evil than to allow them to kill us spiritually.

The propensity of the leftists today to call members of the opposition “haters” is becoming considerably disturbing, as there is really no more savage and final accusation than this.

Thus, Tom Woods quotes Roger Scruton:

Once identified as right-wing you are beyond the pale of argument.

Your views are irrelevant, your character discredited, your presence in the world a mistake.

You are not an opponent to be argued with, but a disease to be shunned. This has been my experience.

These guys have really upped the stakes to the max. This will come back and bite not just them but all of us harshly.