Perhaps the coming downfall of Trump will teach the people that the federal government is irreformable.

It is, and always has been, impossible to drain the swamp by means so paltry as electing an interesting President.

Democratic socialism: there are only two types of bread the state is promising to the people: Republican bread, say, white; and Democrat bread, say, whole wheat.

Voting occurs.

The Republicans win, and white bread — and only it — gets baked and shoved down everyone’s throat, so stale you can pound nails with it. No other kind of bread is permitted.


Bush restrained trade in life, and he continued to do so in death, what with the stock market being closed on Wed, 12/5/2018, “in memory of President George H. W. Bush.”

Is there no escape from the state?

Genghis Khan was an environmentalist:

“The destruction under Genghis Khan may have scrubbed as much as 700 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere by allowing forests to regrow on previously populated and cultivated land,” reports Wikipedia happily.

If both the West and the East adopted laissez-faire capitalism, they would finally meet and profit from their sweetly complementary strengths, says Fred Reed.

However, “government investing in infrastructure” is leftist gibberish and is just as silly and wasteful as government “investing” into military. Most of the infrastructure, if it is to be built, should be built by private enterprise.

Fred should realize that one is either a private entrepreneur who “can do things,” or a government bureaucrat whose main job is preventing private entrepreneurs from doing things. Not both at the same time.