Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview:

“I think there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

Now I actually agree that there is a distinction between principles and facts. The simplest example is modus ponens:

Principle: If A, then B
Fact: A
Therefore, B.

Both are equally important in allowing us to reason. So, Sandy is all wet in impugning facts.

In addition, however, is she “morally right”? On the contrary, with her socialism, she is a moral idiot. She cares not for facts, and her principles are false.

This is who is wielding power over you.

White Christians are peaceful and holy people.

They must be, if their enemies CNN et al. are so desperate to convict them in the court of public opinion for some — any — wrongthink, they have to lie and manufacture a case rather than find a real one.

So, the Covington complete video… OMG, it’s the most boring video I’ve ever seen. There is a lot yelling and chanting. There is a lot of trash talking by the “black Hebrew Israelites.” How could this be a news item?

Well, it’s because the Indian dude is an outrageous liar and con man, judging by what he said on CNN. If, per impossibile, he believed he was telling the truth, then he may be insane.

The blacks, of course, have a right to their “opinions” and to be complete idiots. I think they were under the mistaken impression that what they were yelling were some sort of arguments.

(They were right, however, in saying (yelling) that the Bible does condemn homosexuality and correctly so. They erred in suggesting that gays should have no rights to be free from persecution by the state for their lamentable sins.)

The Catholic boys did nothing wrong. I liked their “let’s go home” at the end. They got bored, the marginally entertaining show was over, and that was it.

Just another fake news piece by the fake mainstream media.

Bureaucrats don’t pay taxes, as Rothbard pointed out. It’s an accounting fiction, unless we are talking about different layers of government.

Thus, state goons pay federal taxes, but federal goons do not pay federal taxes.

I mean, obviously, the “tax money” goes right back to the federal government to be spent on… more salaries for the same bureaucrats.

“Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union” was a common slogan there back in the day.

Whether the slogan is correct is entirely a matter of the truth or falsity of the socialist ideology.

If socialism is really a superior economic stage relative to capitalism, and the Communist Party, led by Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, through magnificent effort brought it about, then glory is indeed due to it.

If, however, socialism is not progress but a crazy retrogression into

1) a global slave economy,
2) a vast totalitarian concentration camp,
3) a “world of soulless unthinking automatons,” as Mises referred to an evenly rotating economy (which is the only workable form of socialism),

then, no, it’s not glory that these guys deserve but everlasting shame.

No trivial irritating obstacle like pregnancy shall ever come between a woman and her sacred right to prostitute herself.

An abortion is a clean kill, an efficient physical removal of an unneeded slimy clump of cells.

Isn’t modern technology wonderful?

A woman might not want to ruin her future career or marriage prospects by having a child and caring for it for the next 18 years.

She might not want to live with the guilty conscience that she had a baby and gave it up for adoption.

(She’d still want to whore around, of course.)

Far easier and convenient is to kill it when she pleases. To imitate Stalin, when there is a unborn child, there is a problem; when there is no unborn child, there is no problem.

And aren’t convenience and pleasure what our civilization is all about?