I used to think it was only the intellectually wrong homosexualist ideology that was responsible for some of the present outrages;


that personally, gay people were sick and in need of loving care so that they may recognize their sins, repent, and turn their lives around.


But now I see that individual gays need to be judged and condemned with great severity and punished for their wickedness harshly. Let the holy law be unleashed, without mercy, upon these miscreants and decimate them utterly.

Justice will be done.

One possible reason for the Trump Derangement Syndrome is that there is an unwritten rule separating the elites into New York financiers, Hollywood entertainers, and Washington politicians.

A person is allowed to belong to one of these, very rarely two.

But Trump has combined all three in his one person.

Everyone else have considered this a shocking breach of protocol. Or they just envy him. Either way, they have not forgiven him for such impudence.

Reports Sputnik:

Last week the US Department of Commerce put Huawei Technologies and nearly 70 of its affiliates on a blacklist, banning them from buying equipment from US partners without a government go-ahead. …

US intelligence agencies have previously accused Huawei of putting ‘backdoor’ access in its devices at the behest of the Chinese government, which allegedly enables Beijing to spy on users.

However, Beijing and Huawei have both vehemently denied the allegations.

Huawei is in large part a consumer electronics company. How dumb would it have to be to spy on its own customers and ruin its reputation worldwide? And for what purpose? Is it that eager to look at my photos and notes on John Rawls?

Free Huawei (and all of us as its customers) from US government’s aggression now!

“Netflix threatens to leave Georgia if abortion law stands,” says Bloomberg:

… we will work with the ACLU and others to fight it in court. … Should it ever come into effect, we’d rethink our entire investment in Georgia. …

Entertainment companies previously threatened to pull business from Georgia in 2016 to defeat a religious freedom law that opponents said sanctioned discrimination against LGBT residents in Georgia.

VH1, owned by Viacom Inc., said at the time it would relocate shooting on the show “Satan’s Sisters.”

Yeah, take your Satan’s sisters and get out.

Why, though, are these companies getting political? Are their CEOs running for President? Was this called for by the shareholders?

My guess is that these “firms” are leftist cults. Hopefully, this is precisely what will hurt their profits and diminish their influence.

They are drunk with power; the market, however, will crush them like bugs soon enough.

From the same article:

The Motion Picture Association of America has noted that similar legislation has been challenged in other states. That’s why it’s maintained a wait-and-see approach.

“The outcome in Georgia will also be determined through the legal process,” the organization said. “We will continue to monitor developments.”

What has the Motion Picture Association of America to do with abortion? Isn’t its business making motion pictures? Why are they taking sides in this bitter, miserable, interminable battle?

Let Hollywood, New York, and Washington be strictly separated. Entertain the public, MPAA, and leave finance and politics to the other elites.

US soldiers: you were asked to sacrifice for the Empire, and you did.

The costs to you are far outweighed by the glory and power of the Imperial State which you served and to which all shall bow.

Your wages have been the opportunity, rarely obtained in civil society, to kill others. You will be content with them, as there is nothing else for you.

Suppose a certain biological male Smith claims to be a woman.

First, why believe him? He may be lying.

Even if he is not lying, he may be deluded or insane.

Even if he “feels like” a woman, this is objectively unverifiable. Why should I care about his “feelings”?

Even if I do care, the “feelings” may be temporary; with proper medications and therapy, he may be cured.

Even if the feelings persist, there are many people living with various disabilities who do not insist that I “address” them by whatever title or pronoun they make up for themselves. Who are these alleged trans people to arrogantly tell me how to speak? I’ll “address” them however I feel like, and that’s all there is to it.

And even if I choose to “address” Smith as “she,” that does not mean that “she” qualifies for government civil privileges.

The essence of conservatism is not ineffectual and unenthusiastic defense of capitalism, civil society, the Church, or anything else.

It’s the desire to kill. Kill the foreigner, heretic, dissenter, anyone who goes his own way. Kill ruthlessly, relentlessly, and while taking great joy in the other’s suffering.

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Understanding the Conservatives

This fundamental drive of the conservative is subdued indeed by capitalism, civil society, and Christianity, but those things are a fragile facade.

The left wants to censor and suppress conservatives. Normally, this is unnecessary: conservatives are impotent and have nothing useful to say, in any case.

But as soon as the US president announces the next war, the censorship will prove futile: the hateful killers from the right will rise like a tsunami and bury the seemingly mighty leftist establishment. There will be no stopping them, and these guys won’t bother to claim any “good intentions.” Their only intention is twist the knife in your back while whispering “Die” to your face.

Inside every conservative is a serial killer waiting to get out.

At one point, I was fascinated with people who, despite doing evil, claimed to be animated by “good intentions.”

If you do evil “lovingly,” aren’t you immune to any criticism? If you die and stand before the Lord, won’t you be glorified, anyway? As St. Thomas writes,

Hence the intellect which has more of the light of glory will see God the more perfectly; and he will have a fuller participation of the light of glory who has more charity; because where there is the greater charity, there is the more desire; and desire in a certain degree makes the one desiring apt and prepared to receive the object desired. (ST, I, 12, 6)

You just sort of walk around the world wreaking havoc, destruction, misery, and death all around you, yet your heart is bleeding with love for fellow men. Aren’t you still a saint?

And if other people defend themselves against you, claiming that you are insane, aren’t you a martyr in addition and they, cruel persecutors?

Well, to answer that, there is an iron law of charity which makes it impossible to “do evil lovingly.” Good deeds increase charity or at least dispose the soul to its increase; evil deeds diminish or destroy charity.

Thus, for example, an important reason for the left’s awfulness is that leftists tend to be wretched sinners, really nasty people on the personal level. Their vices cloud their minds. They’d have to get better morally first before they get better intellectually.

Many on the left have long corrupted their souls and are consumed with hatred. Even if they started out with some good intentions, they surely don’t have any left anymore.

Tom Woods writes of Jeff Deist’s question, “What should a politically vanquished people [i.e., libertarians] do?”:

Now there are plenty of libertarians who say, “If the French had been armed, they could have stopped that attack sooner.”

And of course it’s hard to argue against the logic of that…

But Jeff made me think when he said: I know some French folks, and I’ll tell you something. The case for firearm ownership may be logically impeccable, but it’s not French. It just isn’t. Paris is not Texas. You are going to find it overwhelmingly difficult to persuade Parisians to carry a firearm.

Given our limited resources, is trying to turn France into Texas our best strategy?

It’s a little strange to tell people whom no one listens to, anyway, least of all the French, to stop talking.

Should we perhaps retire gracefully and, with alcoholic breath, hoe our cabbages?

It is obvious that no libertarian demands that the French carry guns. We do argue that they should have the right to carry guns; moreover, we might advise them of the potential usefulness of taking advantage of that right.

Other than that, the French of course are on their own. It’s hard to see how teaching constitutes any alleged anti-decentralist attitude on the part of libertarians.

I mean, would Deist similarly argue as follows: “I know some Soviet folks, and I’ll tell you something. The case for private ownership of the means of production may be logically impeccable, but it’s not Russian. It just isn’t,” etc.?

Of course, if there are libertarians who propose that the US government conquer France and impose Texas-style gun laws on it, I’d like to know who they are.

“Reeves reportedly pointed out that he struck down a 15-week ban on abortions just six months ago, saying the state legislature’s even stricter law ‘smacks of defiance.'”

Why, no one shall ever defy the omnipotent federal government. Reeves, a minor god, has spoken. The judgment has been rendered, and the rebellion, crushed in its inception.

Let this serve as a harsh lesson to the pathetic peasants of the insignificant province of Mississippi.