Headlines scream: “California to become first state to ban discrimination against natural hair.”

What fun. Before a black guy would be given a choice: fix your hair or quit. Now he’ll be fired or rejected outright and without even being told the reason.

Even if he offered to improve his hair to conform to the company standard, his plea could not now even be acknowledged for fear of lawsuits.

Ah, lefties: doing evil with love in your hearts.

The most marginalized group among blacks are those of them who succeed in not being loathsome, offensive brutes.

Their reputation is ruined by their more savage brethren.

Under pure laissez-faire, with neither money supply inflation by the Fed nor credit expansion by commercial banks, the stock market as a whole would never go up.

The only reason the masses invest into stocks is to protect their savings from inflation and to take advantage of booms.

Eliminate both, and the vast majority of investors will pull out of the stock market altogether, preferring to hold cash instead.

This is normal and good. Business is for heroic lone entrepreneurs, not for dull multitudes who have no idea what they are doing and qualify to be mere laborers. In addition, ownership of the means of production, as Mises pointed out, is not a privilege but a social liability. Let them lose their sleep.

It will, however, cause the stock market to decline by, say, 95%. The Wall Street would therefore be brutally opposed to sound money and honest banking.

Says Forbes:

When the Justice Department tried to count the total number of federal criminal laws in 1982, the attorney tasked with that job ultimately gave up after two years.

In the early 1990s, one study made an educated guess that there were over 300,000 federal regulatory crimes, a number that has surely grown in the decades since.

By comparison, that’s “67 times as many crimes as the about 4,500 federal statutory crimes,” the Institute for Justice reported, while the Code of Federal Regulations includes “one million regulatory mandates or prohibitions and imposes over one trillion dollars in costs.”

Keep in mind that the state is fundamentally irrational, and the vast majority of these regulations serve no purpose at all other than to harm and confuse people.

To imitate Orwell, the object of bureaucratic red tape is bureaucratic red tape.

Among all the things to be created, man presented the greatest challenge to God, since uniting the rational spirit to matter would, by the fact of the finitude and peculiarities of both, be naturally corruptible.

To make sense of Genesis, we may as well imagine the Garden of Eden to have been located not in this world but in the literal highest heaven / paradise. God created Adam as well as He could, but He foreknew it would not be enough. The human nature is unstable and tended toward self-destruction even in the world free from most of the burdens of the flesh, the world, and the devil.

Therefore in this world we are tasked, by being forced to contend with the forces of evil, with creating a second nature that would support and preserve the first.

The first nature was divinely created but inadequate; the second nature obtained by strict obedience to natural law and to grace besides despite tremendous obstacles will be enough even for the entirely of our future everlasting lives, but it could not have been created by God, arising as a result of our own living and striving.

The human nature as an idea is well-defined; there are no bugs in natural law.

God and man therefore come together in the order of nature in the middle, with God creating the ideal that only heroic human effort could possibly reach and maintain.

The human project is made even more ambitious by grace, but that’s a story for another time.

In an article by Steve Sailer, Anonymous comments,

Gays network. They have gay mafias in white collar organizations through which they promote each other.

Also, gays sleep their way to the top, which straight men generally cannot do because women at the top of organizations are either lesbians or straight women who look down on lower ranking males.

Of course they do, and they should, because everyone should network with their own kind. Every man, to aid his clan, should plot and plan as best he can, sings Ko-Ko in Mikado wisely.

The injustice is that the alleged oppressor classes, such as straight while males, cannot network both by law and by ideology. Says The Wild Geese Howard:

It’s not even clandestine anymore. We have an identity-based employee group for homos where I work. They have direct inputs to highly placed people in HR and the division leadership.

We also have race and gender-based employee groups.

Evil white men get the intrapreneur group that anyone can join.

SFG explains:

That’s a modern thing. Men’s clubs used to exist to promote straight-male solidarity — in retrospect, for just this reason. Which is why they were one of the first things to go.

As an example, Hippopotamusdrome points to a May 4, 1987 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court “that Rotary clubs may not exclude women from membership on the basis of gender. Rotary issues a policy statement that any Rotary club in the United States can admit qualified women into membership.”

Sick, dude! Libertarians cut through the crap by focusing on what’s important: private property rights. All government civil privileges to false victims must be immediately repealed, and freedom of association, restored to full glory.