The current identitarian craze consists in people glorying in their own vices and ugliness.

An uncomplicated case in point. The state and its connected medical doctors have destroyed the people’s health with terrible medical advice.

Large parts of the population are morbidly obese. It is certainly painful to be hideously misshapen. But even more unpleasant is the process of wising up and losing weight.

What is to be done in this desperate situation? Why, declare fat to be beautiful. Clever if implausible and probably futile in the end.

Politics may be downstream from culture, but it is also different.

One can resist culture; but politics is coercive: resist it and go to jail.

One can contribute his own ideas and creations to culture; one can’t create his own politics: there is no avoiding violence.

At the very least, one may have to seek control over the machinery of state for reasons of self-defense, precisely so that he doesn’t get crushed by the enforcers.

If conservatives were not complete wimps, they’d go on the offensive, repealing federal gun laws.

As usual, however, they can only halfheartedly delay for a bit some especially obnoxious legislation.

A socialist 1967 United Nations “Outer Space” treaty has empowered the feds to suppress innovations in the satellite industry, says Lyon Brad King.

Bob Murphy wrote in an early article something to the effect that some countries persecuted Jews; others, homosexuals; this country persecuted people, too, but it focused on communists.

Which is almost a badge of honor.

There is apparently much hand-wringing by our gay ruling class over some new genetics study on homosexuality.

It looks like attributing gayness to genes is bad, because it might lead to genetic engineering and abortions to eliminate gays from the population.

And attributing gayness to environment is bad, because people might seek cures for or preventative measures against homosexuality.

What a predicament.

“Law-abiding” gun owners want to ban guns for anyone who is not them.

Yeah, this is going to work.

In addition, gun owners are not yet another pathetic “marginalized” victim group, some bizarre tiny “culture.” We are not talking about recreational gun ownership. The issue is the universal pre-political natural right to, and even duty of, self-defense. Every man, woman, and child in the US ought to own guns and be deadly proficient at using them.

It’s also about the freedom to own objects that of themselves are harmless and the morality of whose use depends on each individual’s free will.

The author is further under the mistaken impression that it is her job to prevent crimes before they occur. In fact, proper prevention of crimes is done solely via the punishments that the state threatens to unleash upon lawbreakers after the fact. People are afraid of them and through fear abstain from evil deeds.

We cannot lawfully, and need not, deny people rights before they do anything wrong. It is sufficient to demonstrate the efficiency of law enforcement to all concerned by catching actual criminals. If we want to deter specific crimes, the solution is to alter the penal code to punish them more severely.

Isn’t it obvious that Trump is right and Jews who vote Democrat and either idiots or miscreants?

(Far be it from me of course to suggest that they ought to vote Republican.)

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said:

We must keep the State of Israel above political disputes and make every effort to ensure that support for Israel does not become a political issue.

Outrageous! Of course “support for Israel” should be a political issue, since now any opposition to such support is condemned as “hate speech” and is outside the pale.

This isn’t anything undiscussable. And whatever happened to “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none”?

Trump should be selling federal lands in hopes of privatizing America, not buying countries like Greenland.

In its turn, Greenland should be able to ask to become one of the several states within the US. It’s a bad idea, though: we need more international competition, not less.

Walter Williams writes as if the “devastating problems of many black people” are some natural disaster that afflicts these poor folks against their will rather than an essential consequence of the spiritual and genetic makeup of the African race.

That’s not to say that white people are off the hook.