Under a new North Carolina law, a man will be guilty of rape during consensual sex if the woman “revokes consent” during intercourse!

Another provision makes it illegal to have sex with a girl who got herself drunk, regardless of consent.

What exactly is the reason for giving so much coercive legal power to women? Scorned women’s fury knows no bounds; this will further empower revenge-seeking chicks and ruin many innocent men’s lives. Especially under the ideology that a woman’s accusations are to be believed automatically.

It may be that “freedom to risk rape” isn’t working out too well. However, this isn’t a solution.

Sure Michelle, blame the victims:

I want to remind white folks that y’all were running from us, and you’re still running, because we’re no different than the immigrant families that are moving in…

If white people are running from you, could it be your problem? You, through your crime and destructionism, have failed to make whites feel welcome.

Do you think moving away is costless or easy? You ruined white people’s property values. They took losses when they ran. By your own admission, you are the sort of folks whom no one likes. And you dare fault whites?

The white flight she alluded to hampers the ability of local government to fund services and infrastructure for its citizens because when people leave cities, the tax base shrinks.

Of course it does. Blacks, when they are not on welfare, earn minimum wages and pay no taxes. All the tax burden is on non-blacks. Apparently, Michelle thinks it’s perfectly great for blacks to free ride on white people’s contributions. Let white tax-serfs labor thanklessly for their implausible black tax-lords.

How about some gratitude to those whites who have remained?

Dogs be all like, “Lord, we want to go to heaven. To that end, we’ll serve our human masters perfectly. We’ll do anything, whatever it takes.” Jesus: “Sure, sounds good.”

Cats be all like, “Lord, we, too, want to go to heaven. However, we don’t want to do a damn thing to get there.” Jesus: “That, too, can be arranged. Ok, let there be light.”

How to strike it rich in America today.

It makes sense in these times to be homophobic literally: we should fear and avoid gays, because they can ruin us through lawsuits.

Notice that the guy was told to “tone down his gayness.” Doesn’t he realize they did him a favor? They explained it to him how he could get his promotion. After this lawsuit, the next gay dude will just be fired outright without even being told the reason.

“The death of the Islamic State’s leader in a daring nighttime raid vindicated the value of three traditional American strengths: robust alliances, faith in intelligence agencies and the projection of military power around the world,” says the NY Times.

Far from being strengths, those are in fact American weaknesses. Through imperialism, America becomes less prosperous, less secure, less free, and more unjustly violent and hence morally corrupt.

As for “faith in intelligence agencies,” I already have a faith, in which even the hairs on my head are numbered by God. I don’t need a faith so obviously absurd as this one, in which the NSA numbers my every text and phone call.

Trump wants to steal Syrian oil. I like it. It’s a far more reasonable and normal excuse for a war than anything our interventionists and imperialists have come up with so far.

I mean, if there is to be blood — and there always is — then why not for oil? Is it any worse than blood for some crazy and fake ideology, like democracy or anti-terrorism?

The strong to what they can; the weak suffer what they must; so let no one be a slave to illusions.

One ZDNet article describes a recent bill introduced by Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) called “Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching (ACCESS) Act.”

The bill seems unusually harmless, seeking apparently to better define property rights to one’s online identity:

Sen. Warner described the ACCESS Act as akin to the mobile portability act that was passed in 1996 to allow users to port their phone numbers between telcos.

That bill is credited with setting the stage for the intense competition that we see today among US phone operators, all trying to out-do each other in order to preserve their customer bases and attract new subscribers.

Now, Sen. Warner hopes the ACCESS Act, if approved, would have a similar effect.

The bill would force tech companies to:

  • Make their services interoperable with competing communications platforms.
  • Permit users to easily port their personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.
  • Allow users to delegate trusted custodial services, which are required to act in a user’s best interests through a strong duty of care, with the task of managing their account settings, content, and online interactions.

In the first place, your phone number, like your name and email address, may indeed be considered a form of identity. But to transfer those is easy enough, yet the data you have posted on each social media site are unique. Each company lets you do different things on its website, and there is no “commonly used” format that you can export your data in and then import into another company’s service. (I’m talking about content, not something like XML.) Facebook is relevantly different from Twitter to make the two incompatible.

Therefore, the requirement can stifle competition if tech companies will face a diminished incentive to struggle to differentiate themselves from each other.

Second, what does it mean, “allow” users to delegate trusted custodial services? Aren’t they already allowed to do it? Who outlawed it in the first place?

But finally, another ZDNet article shows that this is a pseudo problem, anyway. Upcoming Bitcoin-like blockchain systems will be able to keep your online identity permanent, secure, and independent of any social media firm. It is just another facet of everlasting capitalistic progress. There is no market failure, and government intervention cannot improve the economic outcome.

I didn’t realize that Jews were higher on the victimhood totem pole than blacks. I guess the hierarchy shifts all the time.

For an event apparently as religious as the Holocaust, it is no longer possible even so much as to remain silent. All must reverence it.

Of course, “victimhood” is useless other than as a means to power through unjust demonization of the other, and that’s exactly how it is employed today.