The endless squabble between the “liberals” and “conservatives” is merely a dispute between demons and devils.

Both factions in fact hate libertarians more than they hate each other.

By promising tax increases, the Dems are trying to divide the people and to excite in the working and middle classes the unholy desire to plunder and steal from the “rich.” Folks, stay reasonable and reject this evil plot.

Stuart Basden, in presenting his list of leftist causes, goes so far as to say:

In no way do I intend to marginalise or discredit the experience of people who have been labelled ‘insane’ by a normative system, nor who identify as being ‘insane’.

But insanity is not an identity but precisely absence of one.

An identity is a complex integrated self plus virtuous character belonging to a person who knows who is and is at peace with who he is.

Insanity, on the contrary, is spiritual and mental chaos coupled with great suffering. It is disintegration of the self, spiritual unraveling. It’s not an identity. It’s the previous identity falling apart into pieces.

In extreme cases, the very phrase “I am insane” is self-contradictory. A madman is not a one “I”; he is legion.

The left does not care about the Muslims in foreign countries whom the US government is constantly bombing; but they have declared them an oppressed class in the US where they are in no danger whatsoever.

America can “afford” so much of its implausible socialist agitation and dysfunction because it still has few genuine competitors in the world.

Other nations need to step up their game and, though laissez faire, get mighty prosperous both for their own sake and to give US politicians an incentive to do something right.

The online book, When Abortion Was a Crime, is notable for the author’s complete failure to grasp what a pregnancy actually is — the bearing of a child, instead of “the cessation of the menses” which “indicated a worrisome imbalance in the body and the need to bring the body back into balance by restoring the flow.”

Do married couples fatten each other up to make each other uglier and hence less attractive to the opposite sex to prevent extramarital affairs?