The “Russian hackers interfering in our elections,” whatever the reality here, is, too, a cost of the American empire.

The US government wants to, in Rothbard’s memorable phrase, invade the world, wreaking havoc and destruction wherever it sends the Marines.

It “intervenes,” violently, clumsily, and foolishly.

It should not be surprised, given the stakes, that the world intervenes back.

To imitate Gandhi, “white supremacy” would be a “good idea.”

I mean, it’s going to be someone’s supremacy, unless anarcho-capitalism will suddently arrive. Why not white people’s? They seem to have done Ok for themselves.

It’s certainly better than black supremacy or Mexican supremacy.

Other than that, the charge of “white supremacy” is idiotic and is simply a bludgeon to beat white people over the head with whenever they assert their freedom of association or racial solidarity or friendship.

You shall not be exclusive, is the great commandment of the modern PC religion. Sorry, I’m not into it.

To add to Tom Woods, maybe we shouldsilence women’s voices.”

I mean, if they are screeching harpies who are dishing out inanities or abuse, obviously they must be forced to shut up.

And it’s nice to know that quoting statistics can do it.