I’m thinking of running for President on the following platform:

I urge all poor people to vote for me, because I will take money from the rich and give it to you, the people. You will personally profit from voting for me. Let me buy the presidency by offering you, the average American, cold hard cash.

The rich people, however, will not be slighted. What I loot from you in taxes, I will plentifully restore to you in inflation. I will print money — lots of money — and give the new cash to you, the rich. Therefore I ask that you donate copiously to my campaign and help me get my message across and get elected.

Money for everybody: untold riches await you! Chernikov for President!

“Therefore the Fed will give you money to spend,

“And you will spend it, not for one day, or two days, or five, or ten, or twenty days, but for a whole month — until it comes out of your very nostrils and becomes loathsome to you.” (Num 11:18-20)

The corona-tyranny is coming, with the virus being an excuse for the governments to do what they always want to do anyway: to crack down and empower themselves.

And it is inevitable, as long as the masses are looking to the “authorities” for salvation.

“I deserve something because I worked hard for it” is a pretty idiotic argument, as those things go.

If you acquired something justly, then you “deserve it,” as in own it rightfully, even if you did not work hard for it, and even if in fact it fell into your lap for free.

And some things that you worked hard for, like money from robbing a bank executed with laborious preparations, you do not deserve.

Another pathetic “victim” gets an innocent guy fired.

The victims are nothing but petulant children. Adults, if any remain, need to step in and say sternly, “Shut the f*** up and deal with it.”