J.L. Mackie: “A prudent man will not squander his limited stock of convincing lies, but use it sparingly to the best effect.”

One way to explain the COVID-19 panic is that so many Americans are completely sick.

They are fat and eat all kinds of crap; they don’t exercise; they are deficient in every nutrient known to man.

And these sad facts make adults even in their prime vulnerable to a fairly trivial cold virus like this.

The reason why US state governments have shut down the economy is that they don’t believe they are bound by any law.

America is a rich and powerful nation, and Americans think their prosperity falls down upon them like manna from heaven. Nothing they do can possibly ruin things.

They are drunk with power and think they can do whatever they want; they can have their cake and eat it, too.

But it doesn’t work that way, and the day of reckoning may be closer than they think.