This entire world is a womb in which human souls gestate, and death is in fact a birth from grace or even nature unto glory.

The witch Pam Grossman said: “The more frustrated people get, they do often turn to witchcraft, because they’re like, ‘Well, the usual channels are just not working, so let’s see what else is out there.'”

This is a clear admission of her own powerlessness and weakness, that she would seek power through unlawful means, by communing with evil angels.

She can’t handle the world, she has despaired of controlling it through science and religion both of which are entirely praiseworthy, so she has turned to spiritual crime.

She will pay for it in the end one way or another.

A typical philosophical example of a false statement used in many books is “She is a witch.” That’s because of the suppressed assumption that there are no witches.

But the assumption is false: there are numerous women today who call themselves “witches.”

Now it may be that the philosopher would object that these people are deluded about their own magical powers. Magic does not work. Or they are running a scam.

Or it may be that he thinks that even if there are witches, they are harmless and ought not to be hunted. I would dispute both of these propositions.

It’s not a legitimate task of the government to “save lives,” cure diseases, or decide the acceptable levels of risks a citizen may want to take.

Personal identity through time is an interesting counterexample to indiscernibility of identicals.

My present self is numerically identical to, i.e., not separate from, my future self. But the two are discernible as qualitatively distinct, since my personality will change over time.

It is vain to hold both to the sanctity of morality, i.e., the idea that man ought to become a saint in life, and to atheism, since on atheism, both saints and sinners become equal to each other and to zero in death.

This then is a kind of argument for the existence of God, or at least of some form of afterlife, which may be persuasive to those striving to be holy. It need not be persuasive to those who would rather give up the imperative to moral perfection than atheism.

Otherwise, the facts that sometimes injustice is profitable and that it is often profited from are rather arguments against the existence of God, being aspects of the general problem of evil.

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” — Abraham Lincoln

Said a man who started a devastating civil war that resulted in 600,000 deaths.

Greta Thunberg has urged us to listen to narrow-minded fanatics and mindlessly obey the power elites.

She said the pandemic has proven that society can come together to respond to expert advice — as seen by the numerous lockdowns and stay-at-home orders — and that the same sense of urgency must be taken with the climate crisis, which is a long-term issue.

Great. Universal imprisonment will continue forever, this time on climate change grounds.