The woke falsely assume that those who disagree with them are — by that fact alone — ignorant or malicious.

Thanks to the Internet, fans of every dysfunctional perversion have been able to form a political / social pressure group.

Ain’t modern technology wonderful?

White fragility” is apparently while people’s vicious and scandalous dislike of being falsely accused of all manner of evil deeds and intentions.

How awful and unfortunate!

By the way, blacks care much less for white people’s self-flagellation and more for cold hard cash:

A gigantic redistribution of income and wealth down the social ladder would be perhaps the most effective single attack on racism America could undertake, because it would address many aspects of the problem simultaneously.

Redistribute this, you bastards! In any case, haven’t blacks taken redistribution into their own capable hands? The recent mass looting wasn’t enough?

How about the trillions of dollars white people have already spent on “welfare” for blacks in a vast variety of ways?

Unlike classical Marxism, cultural Marxism has really no constructive component; its acolytes have no idea what they will do the day after the revolution.

It shares with old-style Marxism only the destructive part: the existing social order is to be demolished utterly.

NB: Blacks of course are not Marxists. They aren’t smart enough to understand Marxism or its critiques. They are merely shock troops of the white leftists behind the scenes.

A governor, some libertarians argue, has no authority to issue sweeping prohibitions and mandates to deal with COVID-19. Only the legislature can pass laws, such as a law ordering people to wear masks or whatever. The governor is usurping authority and acting tyrannically.

But this is all legalistic claptrap. If the cops decide to enforce the governor’s edicts, his word is in fact law. If he is sued, and a judge rules in his favor, there is no recourse.

Political power flows from the pull of the common ideology which directs the barrels of guns. People are afraid and so have willy-nilly granted the governors unlimited powers. The governors themselves have tasted blood and abandoned any self-restraint. The enforcers are loyal to the governors and have the guns.

All you can do it obey or evade.

Blacks are “underepresented” in STEM. (They would be even more so if not for the astonishing privileges given to blacks during university admissions. They’d sell a dozen Asian students to the devil to get a single black.) In a normal society, this would be a mere curiosity. Who cares which groups choose to specialize how in the economy?

But STEM careers pay more, and white people value engineers. That blacks don’t go into these professions therefore, from the white leftists’ point of view, somehow reflects poorly on blacks.

What are we to think? There are only two possibilities. One is that the “underrepresentation” is the fault of white people who maliciously and unjustly keep blacks out of well-paying jobs. That’s the mainstream and false explanation.

The other, correct, explanation is that blacks are genetically too dumb to be engineers. Their failure to succeed in these careers is entirely their own fault.

If you accept the mainstream propaganda, then of course all the present agitation seems reasonable. Surely, the injustices must be corrected.

In reality, however, there are no injustices. There is no “racism.” Blacks fail because of the sort of inadequate people they are.