There is a big difference between the Soviets pulling down statues of Lenin and Marx and this. Socialism was evil and oppressive then and there while the statues endured.

Edward Colston, on the other hand, was born in 1636, and slavery has not existed in the US for 160 years!

I tell you, blacks have been spoiled rotten in this country.

The puppet masters behind the looters do not have full control, but their intent is clear: to destroy Trump.

Trump is certainly a dangerous man, and he seems bored when there is no trouble, so he stirs some personally. I really wish he’d cultivate friendship with China, for example.

But he has all the right enemies, and I admire that.

Black lives matter, they say.

But why? And to whom? No one answers these questions, because no one can, satisfactorily.

Ah, another manual on how to suck black people’s dicks!

Of course, blacks are not even smart enough to appreciate the niceties of this new “etiquette” invented entirely by white people.

The “etiquette” is in quotes, because its purpose is not to smooth out social interaction but to humiliate and terrorize the dissenters.

How could one possibly conclude that the fact that black people are poorer than white people is the fault of white people who oppress blacks?

But the conclusion is inevitable as long as you forget the obvious facts that blacks have low IQ and high time preferences, and are incompetent, violent, amoral, imprudent, impulsive, and vicious people.

Leftists can no longer even imagine that there are substantive race differences. Or maybe they are so perverse as to deny this precisely because it is true.

Blacks are bad people who deserve contempt rather than the hysterical tear-shedding we’re treated to every day. The fact that blacks are losers is almost entirely the fault of the blacks themselves.

It is impossible to “close the racial wealth gap.” In order for that to happen, black people would have to become more productive, and they just can’t do that. It’s beyond their power. Just forget about it.