What is this strange obsession that American leftists have with the blacks?

Isn’t it obvious that blacks are not worthy of white people’s concern? Blacks are mostly irrelevant in the scheme of things. They contribute nothing to society, nor are they oppressed victims.

I suppose blacks are a sort of tool of the socialist revolution. The leftists seek to unleash this dark force upon Americans to destroy what’s left of the free economy.

Perhaps, but the real tragedy is that the non-leftists are so afraid.

The US government has unleashed the COVID-19 plague upon the American people as a blowback of a failed biological warfare attack on the Chinese people, says Ron Unz.

The mainstream media spin stories for us in the guise of news, a “narrative.” This narrative is fiction and has nothing to do with truth. Almost all the stories punished by these people are lies, either of commission or omission. Why even bother to read something like the New York Times?

In Russian, there are a couple of words for “lie”: ложь and враньё. Ложь is a straight-out lie, but враньё is more like a coherent web of lies, i.e., indeed an untenable narrative. The media not so much lie as weave a web of враньё.

We need to legalize and encourage the possession and competent use of fully automatic weapons among the American people precisely to deal with problems like the George Floyd rioting.

How can Antifa be both anarchist and communist at the same time?

Anarchy means absence of the state. But communism means total state, with the government owning the means of production and running every factory, farm, and retail establishment.

Is the preposterous ideology merely a gloss on what is actually a vast organized crime syndicate?

Or is Antifa rather the military wing of the Democratic party?

The state governments have unemployed so many people and destroyed so many businesses that the crazy Universal Basic Income schemes are becoming more popular.