There is a difference between the nihilists who say, “Whatever feels good, do it” and the immoralists who say, “Shock the bourgeoisie.”

It’s not a huge difference but still.

“Despite recent anti-Semitic comments, Jews and Black people have long been allies,” says CNN’s John Blake in an article full of lies.

Oh, you mean that powerful and cunning Jewish elites command their savage dark minions to assault the foundations of social order?

Films noir showcase the morals of a society wounded almost mortally by total war, socialism, and economic destructionism.

Stevenson’s example of an ethical argument:

A: The government ought to put more severe restrictions on the sale of patent medicines.
B: That would interfere with freedom of enterprise.
A: Yes, but it would certainly forward the greatest happiness of the greatest number.

The current humiliation is that we have to talk about blacks — blacks! — who emphatically don’t matter other than as a menace to society, rather than important issues indeed like whether freedom of enterprise is compatible with the greatest happiness of the greatest number (and with the institution of patents).

The whole Negro bullshit is a distraction from intelligent conversations we could be having.

Charles Stevenson:

If one man is for war and another for peace, their attitudes may too nearly concern them to permit a quiet tolerance. One cannot live and let live so long as life itself requires concerted social action. (Ethics and Language, 111-2)

As regards politics, he cannot; but as regards the economy, as long as everyone is agreed on the mode of social cooperation, specifically laissez-faire capitalism, he certainly can and should!

Google “postponed our beta release of Android 11 so that people could focus on important discussions about racial justice.”

Since when are riots and propaganda and canceling people “discussion”?

I am not sure Steve Sailer is right that blackism which elevates blacks into a privileged upper caste is a genuine religion.

Its priests cannot be so stupid as to believe their own propaganda.