Why can’t we have a decent Left in this country?

If the conservatives are a force of stability, and liberals of change, why are we cursed with stupid-socialist-nihilist-destructive freaks as agents of change in our society?

It’s repulsive!

Steve Sailer:

… too many black guys tend to come up with the following plan when cops try to arrest them: I’ll just resist, if necessary fight the cops, maybe shoot them, and then speed off. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

That strategy works in Grand Theft Auto, doesn’t it? If I just lie low, the cops will forget about it, right?

Or maybe they think dead cops will just repop in a few minutes alive and well, like killed monsters in World of Warcraft.

Admittedly, WoW players are not the sort to commit violent crimes, though.

As for Kyle Rittenhouse, it is obvious that it is only self-defense that is condemned; aggressive violence by “mostly peaceful protesters” is A-Ok.

If Jesus hated mankind, He’d have said on the cross, like Diablo 3‘s Skeleton King, “Soon all will suffer as I have suffered!”

But he didn’t, did he? He said as one of His last words, “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

In persisting in His love for us even despite our most monstrous crime of deicide, He proved Himself God and Lord.

“Systemic racism” is black people blaming whites for their own failures.

Blacks are unhappy about the “inequalities” in income and wealth without acknowledging that these inequalities are due to blacks’ own low IQ, high time preferences, moral viciousness and criminality, laziness, and similar bad traits.