NYC mayor de Blasio:

My advice to New Yorkers is, “Do not buy a car.”

Cars are the past, the future is going to be mass transit, biking, walking.

Cars and cows — two things commies especially hate as symbols of individual freedom and general prosperity.

The pushpin vs. poetry debate in utilitarianism was decisively settled by Mises:

In making his choice man chooses not only between various material things and services.

All human values are offered for option. All ends and all means, both material and ideal issues, the sublime and the base, the noble and the ignoble, are ranged in a single row and subjected to a decision which picks out one thing and sets aside another.

Nothing that men aim at or want to avoid remains outside of this arrangement into a unique scale of gradation and preference. (HA, 3)

Whatever is chosen by an individual, including pushpin, is by that very fact superior in “pleasure” or utility to all the alternatives set aside, including poetry.

Utilitarianism couched in terms of preference satisfaction or “narrow happiness” cannot distinguish between objectively higher and lower pleasures.

From Firefox 79 release notes:

Updates to the password policy allow admins to require a primary password (formerly called master password).

They’ve really surrendered to the crazies who insist that the word “master” is politically incorrect — because slavery.

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

According to Kennedy then, our only choices are to be either welfare parasites or cannon fodder in government wars — or tax serfs to feed equally both the bums and the war machine.