Look, this is a pretty catchy song, especially the refrain, and all:

But what’s with the feminist dystopia, penis envy, yearning for personal dictatorship, and that perennial female fantasy, power without responsibility?

Neither the kakistocracy nor the deep state is a monolith. The numerous factions within them hate each other with purple passion and sabotage each other.

They stick together, however, despite their mutual animosity and conflicts of interest, because they hate the productive classes even more.

The wolves may quarrel with each other, but they still cooperate efficiently at hunting their prey.

The purpose of the pharmaceutical industry is to produce ever more sophisticated drugs and means to prolong and make more agonizing our deaths.

Korsgaard on Kant:

He defines a free will as a rational causality which is effective without being determined by any alien cause. Anything outside of the will counts as an alien cause, including the desires and inclinations of the person. … the will is practical reason… (Sources, 97-8)

It is this kind of gibberish that makes me detest Kant. The will is just what desires. It feels feelings and desires pleasures and drives one to satisfy them.

The “will” is not “reason” any more than the “will” is “body” or a flying carpet. The three faculties in man are will, intellect and indeed reason, and power manifested through the body. It’s madness to confuse them.

The COVID lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, as well as BLM and Antifa riots are part of the Democrats’ plan to get rid of Trump, Tom DiLorenzo speculates.

The anarcho-tyranny is about to get worse, with the kakistocracy and the deep state “elites” squeezing us something fierce.

Vote with all your might for Trump, people. I’ll even vote myself: the stakes are too high.

The fact that over 2,000 years, Jews have not all converted to Christianity, fully assimilated, and disappeared as a nation is a scandal, an ugly blemish upon the descendants of Israel.

(Though it also reflects poorly on the Christian doctors that they have failed to convince the Jews of the truth.)

By right, the Jewish religion should not exist. How whimsical that God has allowed such an outrage.

Apparently, “supremacy,” “blacklist,” “master” are now “bad words” like “fuck” (or at least like “fuck” used to be).

Wash your dirty politically incorrect mouths with soap, everybody.