The Republicans are being very stupid to try to seek the black vote.

The undead are loyal to the Democrats who alone offer them some power and privilege against the whites.

The undead — the lumpenproles, Sailer’s coalition of the fringes — seek not only loot but also revenge against the more successful. They hate and envy the better off folks for the measure of happiness their physical, spiritual, and intellectual health provides to them in this life.

This explains the destruction of the statues, etc.: the point is to humiliate and terrorize the living. White people happen to be the current scapegoat on which the undead are invited to blame their failures.

This is an impulse as old as man. And the Democrats wield its power well.

I don’t consider jazz to be music, more like inoffensive white noise, but its lack of musical patterns is precisely why it works so well at ridding me of an occasional annoying earworm.

CDC has gone mad with power in outlawing evictions.

Why do they have to abrogate contracts? Why privilege tenants this way? If they want to “help,” just send tenants more cash, like the “stimulus” they passed and wanted to do again. This, on the other hand, is just senseless and unjust government violence.

How, for example, are young people who want to move out of their parents’ house or who graduate from college now supposed to find new apartments to rent, when landlords can’t ensure they’ll be paid?

Judges are government employees, statist to the core, and unless some new sexual “freedom” is at stake, will always decide for the state, so a lawsuit is probably hopeless.

Just another step in the decline and fall of the American empire.

Sidgwick calls economists “plutologists who are commonly believed to exalt the material means of happiness above all other.” (Methods, 155n1)

I know you are, but what am I?

I wonder whether, as America is spiraling down the drain, it’ll take the rest of the world to hell with it by starting a nuclear war, such as with Russia or China.

As the US government destroyed foreign nations, so its citizens now turn on each other in a frenzy of internecine violence.

My grandmother has two sisters, one of whom lived in Minsk, the other in Brest, Belarus, and when I was little in the summer we’d take the train to visit them.

I was once at one of my great aunts’ dacha, and I was gathering raspberries from the bushes, and every once in a while there’d be a little worm inside the berry. And I’d freak out.

So, when I complained to my great uncle, he replied, “We don’t eat them, they eat us.”

Ain’t that the truth!