Of course, people will engage in the electoral ritual only if they believe it “works.”

If the proof of fraud is substantial, and the Dems get away with it anyway, this might shake the “faith.” Why bother voting at all if the results are already predetermined?

The “peaceful transfer of power” might be jeopardized.

The solution is atheism on the federal level: instead of fighting for power, let us abolish the federal government altogether.

Elections are a non-functioning sacrament of our stupid and fake civil religion.

The fact that Smith won a popularity contest does not mean that the ideas he and his supporters cling to are correct or that the policies he advocates are good. Conversely, the fact that Jones lost does not prove his ideology wrong.

The only things that matter in politics are power and money. How those are acquired is hardly relevant. So what if the priests of the civil religion interfere a little and switch a few, or a few million, votes to their favored man? Why should the power go to the most popular? Cheating is the advantage the (supposed) losers give to themselves.

Even if the Democrats needed to kill 10 million Americans to gain power and then torture the rest until they loved the Big Brother, well, that’d be just a means to an end. Welcome to realpolitik.

Laws, as we all know, are for little people. The Democrats are big. They won. They must be right.

Whoever ends up President, I just hope he won’t start a thermonuclear war. In that case, we’ll probably survive 4 more years, most of us.

Yes, I have very low expectations of governments. But that shouldn’t be a surprise coming from a libertarian.

Will no one stop the madman DeWine now on his statist violent rampage?

The bastard has unleashed cops upon innocent citizens and businesses of Ohio under the pretext of fighting the fake virus, and now he’s imposed a curfew, apparently thinking that the virus is especially active at night.

Down with the tyrant!

Unlike all the other presidents in recent history, Trump was not one the lizard people.

In particular, he could not be bought, and he would not be intimidated, and that’s part of the reason why the left including the billionaires, the media, etc. hated him.

Masks are the “new normal.” We’re going to be wearing them forever, as will our children.

Also, Commodus and his progeny will rule for a thousand years.

We aren’t allowed to criticize or “offend” the Muslims, but we are allowed to kill them en masse in US government wars, or starve them with sanctions.

It’s disgusting how great an exporter of violence America has become.

It’s day 4 after the elections, and they are still counting the votes for Biden?

Democrats are inefficient at election fraud.