Assume that after one dies, his separated soul goes to heaven. If sexual identity were not also spiritual, how could God or a heavenly inhabitant, upon looking at that soul, find out whether it was male or female? Or do you think that human souls are neuter?

Do you mistakenly think angels are also sexless?

Moreover, sexual identity is spiritual first and bodily second. If it were not, the transsexuals would not resort to monstrous measures to make their bodies look like those of the opposite sex.

Gender is not of course a mere subjective preference. But it may be an indelible spiritual identity.

Transsexuality is mind over matter taken to insane extremes. And the mind remains master even in this most favorable to matter contest.

America is put First not by a policy of “economic nationalism” but by entering into the division of labor and free trade with all other nations.

If China adopts a “China First” attitude, are we doomed to fight one another or can be peacefully cooperate for mutual profit?

If I have a “my family first” policy, must I inevitably start committing violent crimes to benefit my family? Must I separate my family from the rest of society and become “self-sufficient”?

No, America’s interests and the interests of other nations are harmonious. Big League Politics opposes war. But they need to understand that there is precisely no avoiding wars under economic nationalism.

The feature of the COVID vaccine that causes infertility in women may be its true intended effect: to alter the climate for the benefit of the super-rich conspirators by depopulating the planet.

It seems way more effective than providing “abortion services” to Africans, for example.