Georgetown Law fired white professor Sandra Sellers over telling a simple factual truth about blacks in her classes.

Note that as she was being unjustly destroyed, no one, not a single person (among those who could make a difference), came to her defense.

And maybe she didn’t deserve to be defended, because she offered to resign and groveled with an apology, anyway.

Perhaps her crime was that she did not immediately attribute black failure to “racism.” She left it a possibility that it was blacks’ own fault that they fail. (Oh no!)

The persecution of white people is approaching Soviet levels.

It is the state not the market that thrives on fear and greed.

Fear, because the masses are afraid of everything and will flock to the state for “protection” and safety, surrendering their lives, liberties, and property in the process.

Greed, because big business and big labor seek to use the state to rig the game in their favor unjustly, thereby ripping people off and retarding economic progress.

In the market, fear has the virtuous form of responsibility, and greed, the form of pursuit of happiness. The state corrupts these into terrible vices.

How did we get from “Muslims are our allies against godless communism (plus, they have good family values)” to

“We are at war against radical Islam” to

“Muslims in America are oppressed by Christians”?

Uttering any unflattering truth about any “oppressed” race or “identity” is a punishable offense;

while slandering and falsely accusing the “oppressors” is right and just.

We live in an upside-down world.

R.M. Hare: “Professor Thomson might be surprised to see me saying this, because she thinks that I am an emotivist, in spite of the fact that I devoted two of the very first papers I ever published to a refutation of emotivism.”

I see. That would be like calling AOC a communist, to which she would object that not at all, she’s not a communist, she’s a socialist.

The mRNA corona “vaccine” is said to “hack the software of life.”

The hackers give no thought to the fact that their “code” contains bugs that crash the body.

If I had to choose one ideological point I’d like the masses to understand, it would be that fast economic progress toward ever brighter future is their birthright which the state wickedly deprives them of.