Jakub Wisniewski writes,

The libertarian ethic says: aggression may occasionally be justified, but it always — though not necessarily permanently — makes the aggressor a criminal.

One of the examples he gives is “unless I threaten you with a gun, thereby coercing you to row a boat, we will all drown.”

The idea is that if I threaten you, I save our lives but become liable to be sued for damages and even punished. The other guy can forgive me, but he doesn’t have to. I think that’s a great point.

If you want to bring about the “greater good” by unlawful acts, why must you sacrifice others in so doing? What kind of an incentive does such a rule set for people, that they can use violence with impunity as long as they can claim some utilitarian result?

Instead, if one feels heroic, he should sacrifice himself. Coerce the other guy into rowing if you must, but be prepared to suffer the consequences yourself later.

It was Trump who gave us these evil and stupid “vaccines.”

The great would-be swamp drainer has a lot to answer for.

My guess is that Trump was simply naive, falsely thinking that he could make government work.

Mercola reports that the makers of the COVID vaccines are scrapping their clinical trials, hoping to bury any evidence that their poison does not work.

But of course. What incentives do they have to produce vaccines that are both safe and effective?

Even if they are not safe, they have no liability.

And even if they are not effective, the government, egged on by a fearful and ignorant mob, will still buy them.

So to quote Hillary, what difference does it make? In any case, the clinical trials are being conducted globally right now. As a commenter on the article says, I’m in the control group.

The Pentagon receives a trillion dollars each year.

The more of this money is simply stolen or wasted, rather than spent on the “job,” i.e., slaughtering foreigners, the better for both us and the world.

Individual liberty does not lose any value just because there are negative externalities, such as some risk of COVID transmission, to it.

COVID is not a “market failure.”

My very inadequate survey of some feminist literature suggests to me that feminist women, no less than non-feminist women, have little idea what it is that they, women, want, or should want including in their fully “liberated” state. No wonder that men don’t know that either.

What explains the ridiculous influence of Fauci as “America’s Doctor,” as though there was no one else in the whole world competent enough to provide expert opinion?

It’s that most people just want to find someone whose orders they can obey.

They “voluntarily surrender their birthright to a self-appointed elite of supermen,” as Mises put it.

I don’t understand all the talk about how the Democrats are “weakening the military.” The U.S. military has the full capacity to destroy the world multiple times over.

The military may be getting woke by putting pregnant women on the front lines. But they argue that those women are “lethal.” I’m inclined to believe them, and that’s just the problem. Shouldn’t these women be nurturing life rather than raining death on “our enemies”?

The trend seems to be “equality in evil.”