I don’t understand all the talk about how the Democrats are “weakening the military.” The U.S. military has the full capacity to destroy the world multiple times over.

The military may be getting woke by putting pregnant women on the front lines. But they argue that those women are “lethal.” I’m inclined to believe them, and that’s just the problem. Shouldn’t these women be nurturing life rather than raining death on “our enemies”?

The trend seems to be “equality in evil.”

If the masses are better than the elites, then populism is a good political strategy; otherwise, it’s a bad strategy.

In the U.S. today, the elites have gone both evil and crazy, and populism has become especially useful.

Jonathan Greenblatt demonizes Tucker but never says that the white replacement theory is false.

That’s because it’s true, and Greenblatt knows it perfectly well. What he really means is that white people deserve to be replaced.

But by this trick he seeks to demoralize whites so that they do not defend themselves. Evil!

“Bioethicists” debate moral bioenhancement.

They’re going to “enhance” us to be mindless government zombie slaves. The future will finally belong to the new socialist man.

Or rather the new socialist man will belong, as chattel, to the bioenhancers.

There is nothing wrong with blacks that laissez-faire capitalism coupled with strict discipline cannot cure.

The scheme the U.S. government has concocted to get Ukraine to attack Russia over Crimea must be the best the reigning evil empire has come up with.

Mannoroth to Biden (or whoever injects him with sanity-prolonging drugs): “Stupid, pitiful creature. I am the rage in your heart. I am the fury of your thoughts. I alone empowered you to bring chaos to this world, and by the endless void, you shall!”

Both good and evil angels can despise humans.

The difference is that evil angels despise our very nature and seek to destroy us utterly, whereas the good angels despise only our sins and wish to stamp out that.

The good angels are thus sort of enforcers of God’s law.

In Suez Canal, Stuck Ship Is a Warning About Excessive Globalization, says New York Times.

NYT is evil, but evil devours itself, and so the leftist propagandists become stupid, too, which limits the damage they do.

Anyway, mass immigration is “excessive globalization.” Free trade, or “just-in-time manufacturing,” is not.

These things did not “yield a bonanza for corporate executives and other shareholders,” because they merely intensified the competition between them, but they have served the consumers.

In the absence of trade between isolated villages, a fluke in the weather that ruins the harvest means death to the entire population. Globalization mitigates such vulnerabilities, not worsens them.

Accidents happen, and hopefully the people in charge will learn from them and take measures. And the threat of future such accidents can serve as an incentive to entrepreneurs to develop new trade routes. Otherwise, this affair has nothing to do with the merits of global trade.