“New conference aims to increase the number of women in tech leadership,” says ZDNet.

By which they mean decrease the number of competent men and increase the number of incompetent women.

You know, female bosses are the worst, as any woman will attest.

Suppose ol’ Joe Biden felt suicidal.

If he were to swallow a bullet, no one would care. There’s plenty more where that guy came from.

But suppose that in addition the mean bastard decided that he wanted to take all of us to hell with him. He could easily accomplish that by starting a nuclear war.

Over many decades this eventuality becomes increasingly more probable.

And that’s one of the many reasons for every country unilaterally to disarm.

We need to create a society in which honest living, independent of the predatory state, is not a heroic endeavor.

A society in which “everyone has a mortgage to pay” will not be a routine excuse for evil deeds.

ZDNet reports:

The American Families Plan Tax Compliance Agenda includes sections that say the IRS has identified cryptocurrency transactions “as an enforcement priority” and recently “included cryptocurrency reporting on the individual tax return, Form 1040.”

What does government looting have to do with “American families”? Other than that it harms those families?

Oh, and cryptos do not need to be “regulated.” They are functioning regularly and smoothly already.

Of course, by regulated the gov’t means repressed if possible, taxed otherwise. I mean, God forbid there should be “private-sector payments innovators” in the industry!

The Fed will go to any lengths to protect its money-printing evil empire.

Lastly, we don’t need your sicko fiat digital money. There is enough chaos and injustice with what we’ve got now.

People who advocate “mandatory vaccinations” make many assumptions.

They assume that some form of utilitarian ethic is correct.

They assume that cost-benefit calculations over the entire country or the world are at all possible.

They assume that actual calculations of total costs and benefits or pleasures and pains, if the vaccines work, favor forced vaccinations.

They assume that there are no long-term bad effects of the vaccines.

They assume that the actual vaccines presently available (which are unsafe and don’t work) will, when coerced onto people, in fact promote the greatest good for the greatest number.

And so on.

Shortages are popping up across the supply chain as the pandemic messes with the economy,” says CNN.

Lies. Government lockdowns have messed with the economy, not “pandemic.”

In addition, there are no “shortages” in the market economy. There is a rise in prices, but quantity suppled and quantity demanded still meet.

With the “vaccines” and genetic engineering in general, there is now a distinct danger of mankind corrupting its own nature through manipulation of genetic materials.

Women will be bearing monstrous children, goatmen will be rampaging through the streets, etc.

It would be a disgraceful end to the human race, even worse than nuclear annihilation, and we must not let this happen.

It’s true that “corrupt billionaires run the corrupt government,” but the libertarian point is that we should keep the billionaires (and allow new entrepreneurs to become billionaires in the future) and abolish the government.