There is an argument against concerns about transgenderism to the effect that “transitioning” is a personal lifestyle choice and hence is nobody’s business.

But look, I think either these people are crazy or they get scammed or both. If the former, I disagree with the argument that we must pander to and encourage every sort of madness and self-destructive behavior.

If the latter, surely, the fact that an old lady gave her bank password to a con man and lost her savings is to be deplored despite the fact that “it’s her own fault” for being gullible. Transgenderism is literally identity theft as fanatics and “doctors” cheat young people of their very sexual identity!

And these criminals preposterously dare to masquerade as human rights activists!

In addition, surely, truth is important here as much as anywhere. The government has scammed billions of people with lies about the Federal Reserve, government “regulations,” or COVID vaccines. Don’t you think we need to dispel the illusions in this area, too?

People make mistakes, and we should to the extent possible advise them how not to.

I’m in favor of no-bail laws. A guy who is arrested has not been found guilty of any crime. Why should the state be able to imprison him and demand a ransom for his freedom?

On the other hand, if he is a clear recidivist, and there is strong suspicion that he will commit more crimes if released, then why let him post bail at all? Let the judge keep him in jail awaiting trial.

The only reason for bail is to set up an incentive for the accused to attend his trial. But who cares? The sufficient incentive is the need to defend oneself. If one does not show up, then let the trial commence in absentia. It is even more likely that the guy will be convicted this way.

Then, once a sentence has been declared, let him be arrested again and imprisoned permanently.

Crazy people are installing buggy “software of life” they call COVID “vaccines” in their own bodies. The flaws in the biohackers’ malware will cause it to crash, causing illness and death.

And this time there won’t be a “patch” for fix the error.

The vaccines are a lethal injection. These people have been executed by the state’s Big Pharma.

I give them 1 to 3 years, then it’s mass extinction. The U.S. population will decline by 50%.

There’s more to COVID vaccines than merely profits to Pfizer and ratings for CNN.

The whole world wouldn’t have gone unhinged just for the purpose of benefiting Big Pharma executives.

There is a diabolical purpose to this event.

In our ridiculous PC times, I remain unreconstructed and use “man,” “he,” and suchlike to refer to our species and its representative members. I do so for reasons of tradition, men’s honor, and, most important, because unlike my unfortunate contemporary philosophic brethren, I am not afraid of the feminists.

I know of a professor who once denounced his own use of the term “brotherhood of men” as politically incorrect, declaring that it was now proper to say “siblinghood of people” instead. He feared muscle-bound Amazons with spears making their way into his office and killing him for his thoughtcrimes.

Here’s the probable sequence of events in our future. First they tell you to use “she” instead of “he,” and you use “she.”

Then they tell you to suck cock, and you suck cock.

Finally they tell you to proclaim that 2 + 2 = 5, and you do just that.

For my part, I’m stopping the slippery slope before it starts.

The Cuban people’s problems are maybe 80% socialism, 20% U.S. embargo. (Isn’t it strange that leftists who stress the latter yet hate the free market are suddenly in favor of free trade?)

But the embargo is not helping them at all. Or us for that matter.

Big corporations have bought up the congressmen, they complain. The people don’t have a voice anymore.

Well, given that the “people” want to establish socialism, the fact that congressmen are corrupt and hence have an incentive not to instantly communize the country is rather a silver lining.

Two wrongs can sometimes make a right.

Regarding the COVID vaccines, you have to understand, the state wants you dead. They are your enemies.

You can’t just roll over and let them destroy you. Fight them at least by not getting “the jab.”