The reason why so much of people’s time is wasted siting in traffic is that socialism produces roads much slower than capitalism produces cars.

You can’t have government schools in a multicultural empire like the United States.

Not even limiting schooling to reading, writing, and arithmetic will do, since there are different methods of instruction, and even math now is controversial.

The result is endless warfare.

There is no such thing as a war that protects individual liberties.

There are only wars that protect government powers.

LA county is ordering everyone to wear masks again.

But how do they know that the benefits, if any, of mask wearing outweigh the costs?

They don’t, and this decree is an entirely random effusion.

I understand that the people in the media all have their own ideologies.

But ideologies are essentially applied theories, especially economic theories. They purport, each differently, to explain the same facts. A Keynesian would explain the Great Depression differently than an Austrian would. And that’s fine. But there has be some agreement on the facts.

If the journalists lie about the facts to shore up their ideology, and they do, this is a serious problem.

The 2014 movie Kingsman illustrates what’s going on with the vaccines.

The key takeaway, I think, is that most of our power elites have bought into their depopulationist ideology.

By the way, it will be white people who will be depopulated first.

Our rights are flimsy enough if all it takes for them to disappear is for the government to declare a fake “state of emergency.”

The new thing that the LGBT lobby is advocating is “sodomy for the masses.”

Homosexual sex was once an elite vice indulged in by the corrupt upper class, but not anymore.

It’s a purely American, democratic-egalitarian movement.