Oregon governor Kate Brown is blackmailing the people of her state:

During this public health crisis, I have three goals: save lives, keep children in classrooms, and keep businesses open. We have two simple and effective tools to do that: masks and vaccines. We all have a personal responsibility to do our part.

In the first place, it’s not the job of the government to “save lives.” It’s supposed to be limited to executing justice, such as by imprisoning condemned criminals. You simply do not run to the state begging it to save your life or anyone else’s.

As for keeping schools and businesses open, she is threatening to lock the Oregonians down (again) unless they comply.

Masks are useless; it’s amazing that there are still people who believe in them. If they worked, they wouldn’t need to be mandated as people would wear them voluntarily. Coercion of this sort is resorted to only by the incompetent.

Universal vaccination will bring about results opposite those that the vaccine enthusiasts hope for. Not only will it not work, it will make things worse, as the virus escapes the narrow immunity conferred by the vaccines by mutating. Delta was produced inside the bodies of the vaxxed. More new strains threatening both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed will soon emerge similarly.

The vaxxed may be an especially great danger to other vaxxed if infections with the new strains will be accompanied by antibody-dependent enhancement.

The COVID vaccines prevent neither infection nor transmission of the virus.

At best, they provide a short-lived improvement in the symptoms to a particular strain of the virus.

Regarding the vaccines’ efficacy and the fact that the narrow immunity they seem to grant causes the virus to mutate, it is clear that everyone is vaccinated is exactly like no one is vaccinated.

It’s because of the government and its connected corporations-trusting idiots that COVID is still a problem.

So leave the unvaxxed the hell alone, you freaks.

It’s not the unvaxxed who are the mutated COVID-infested zombies.

It’s the vaxxed. We may need to burn the bodies.

I got us some firebats, cowboy. These suckers’ve got flamethrowers that’ll roast the zerg for good!

What is that… thing?! Was it human?

The Japanese found some magnetic metal “contamination” (graphene oxide?) in 1.63 million doses of the Moderna vaccine.

What I want to know is why 1.6 million and not all of them?

Are they putting different stuff in different vials?

Alia Shoaib is celebrating the death of a COVID dissident.

Ok, that’s one death. What of all the people who have recovered thanks to ivermectin? Do you think you could have researched this issue a bit deeper?

The Food and Drug Administration asked people to stop taking the drug, stating “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

This is idiotic. Lots of medications have off-label uses. And obviously you don’t take the version of the drug and dosages designed for animals. You get a proper prescription and you take it as the doctor suggests. And you take it along with the other components in the treatment protocol.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky wants to address “gun violence.”

She further said doesn’t want people to think that she wants to “take away their guns,” even saying that she wants to find common ground with gun owners.

“Let’s agree, we don’t want people to die. Let’s just agree there. What can we do to stop people from dying, and what can we do to stop people from being injured,” Walensky said.

Very well, you can get tough on crime, specifically by arresting and convicting more black criminals.

“FDA vaccine approval, mandates persuade New York City holdouts,” says Amy Yee.

By persuade, do you mean coerce?

People like Amy speak the politically correct language, they spout the politically correct platitudes, and they are always wrong.

Ryan McMaken’s article argues that even if the executive branch was faithfully following “the science,” it would have no authority to take away individual rights, due process, confiscate property, abrogate contracts, and so on by decree.

Even if some greater good could be achieved by these measures, the legal system should not be sabotaged in these ways.

We might miss out on some utility in the short run, but we’d avoid the long-term damage to our institutions.

It’s true then that laws and “juristic order” may at times prevent a governor from doing some good. But much more important is that they also prevent him from doing much evil.

Of course, no one in power cared one whit about science. Even if they did, however, it wouldn’t justify the repression.

The present rule by state of emergency is no way to run a government.

Gay propaganda demands “more love.”

But the more you love sin and evil, and the more you rejoice in your perversion, the guiltier you become.

“More love” won’t work; it will only corrupt the homosexuals still further.

“They just want to be left alone (something a lot of Americans dearly wish our leaders would let us do),” says Ann Coulter about the Afghans.

What an astonishing and perverse desire, to be left alone by a ruthless high-tech invader with an alien culture and religion (such as still left).

It’s taken 20 years for this message to sink in with Ann, and the war party is still unresponsive.

“It’s Ok to murder people belonging to ‘a medieval tribal society resistant to change'” is not a true moral principle.