Mask mandates, lockdowns, suppression of treatments, vaccinations — every step of the way the government has done the opposite of what was needed, and they’re doubling and tripling down on these even now.

And they dare call libertarians fanatics for hating the state.

What more proof that this organized criminal gang is an enemy of mankind do you need?

Jews in Israel have been subjected to coercive medical experiments with the Pfizer vaccine.

And now their “public heath” guy is saying: “I think we’re dealing with a very nasty virus. This is the main problem — and we’re learning it the hard way.”

The Jews just can’t catch a break from assaults by governments, this time in the name of “learning.”

I suppose the Israeli government has “good intentions,” or at least better intentions than the Nazis, which makes everything Ok.

“Afghanistan now ranks among the top 20 countries for global crypto adoption,” says Coinbase.

So much for their alleged “medieval barbarism.”

You know that infamous World Economic Forum prediction that by 2030, “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy about it”?

What is left unsaid is that in addition to you not owning anything, they will own you.

And after they’ve implanted their microchips into your brain, you will “happily” serve them as a slave.

Your only desire will be to please your masters, such as by sucking their cocks (what did you think this was all about?).

And that’s only a slight exaggeration.

Facebook, etc. does not take away your free speech; it enables your free speech.

However, a lot of people, especially “professional journalists,” do not like the competition.

So they put pressure on Facebook to censor certain views.

Now who is easier, and cheaper, to censor, the great majority of idiots, or a small minority of dissident truth-tellers hated by the corporate talking heads on TV?

And that’s how private censorship mostly works.

It is certainly possible that Americans will die en masse from the vaccines quietly.

But then again, maybe not.

In this case, Bill Gates’ wealth, being dependent on government protection of his property, may not save him from vengeance.

The police themselves, many of whom are also vaccinated, will turn against him.

Pfizer scuttled its tests on the vaccine. Perhaps the FDA, by granting emergency authorization to it, was looking to conduct clinical trials “live” on the whole world.

But now that they are granting full approval to it, it is clear that this was not their thinking. Because the “trials” are nowhere near completion. We still don’t fully know the long-term effects or the transgenerational effects of the vaccine (and what we do know, or suspect, is terrifying).

And of course the vaccine is completely ineffective.

The point has always apparently been to get a needle in every arm by any means necessary. This project is about to accelerate.

They call the Taliban barbarians. They may well be.

But the U.S. government, by virtue of being unjust aggressors who invaded their country and wreaked havoc in it for 20 years, is far more barbarous than the Afghans.

The American people will of course forget this fiasco quickly by turning their eyes to the TV where a pretty girl will sing them a pretty song.

Again, Caitlin argues:

This is what you get when mass-scale human behavior is driven by profit. As long as war is profitable, you guarantee that more wars will happen. As long as ecocide is profitable, more ecocide will happen. As long as corruption is profitable, more corruption will happen.

Meanwhile, peace is not profitable. Demilitarization is not profitable. Nuclear disarmament is not profitable. Getting plastic out of the oceans is not profitable. Leaving trees standing is not profitable. Leaving oil in the ground is not profitable. Freedom is not profitable.

The cynicism here is biting but futile. Yes, war is profitable to some. But peace, too, is profitable to those businesses that cater to peaceful human desires. Producers of mangos, cars, and microprocessors would sell more of those to the consumers (and hence profit more) if the money that would have been spent on those goods had not been taxed away by the government and channeled into weapons of war. The reason mango growers lost and arms dealers won is because of the erroneous ideology held by the majority of Americans. Change their ideas, lower taxes (and shut down the Fed) and eliminate war spending, and the “defense” contractors will swiftly go out of business, while the mango and car producers will on the contrary flourish.

“Ecocide” is not itself profitable, but it can happen as a side effect of human productive endeavors. Socialist countries were extremely polluted, being driven by the desire to industrialize, and because the socialist dictators in their actions did not have to concern themselves with private property rights.

Why would you want to leave oil in the ground? It makes no sense to me. Are we supposed to regress to primitivism and all die out? It’s a good thing that leaving oil in the ground is unprofitable.

It’s true for now that cleaning up the oceans is not profitable. But I don’t see Caitlin doing anything to fix the oceans. All she’s doing is cursing and raging and reviling mankind. To add insult to injury she is sufficiently deluded to believe that it would be profitable to the socialist dictator to get plastic out of the oceans. If only she were the dictator, right? But here’s a reality check: Caitlin is

blinded by the chimerical image of a perfect chief of state. This man, no less benevolent than wise, would be sincerely dedicated to the promotion of his subjects’ lasting welfare. The real Fuhrer, however, turns out to be a mortal man who first of all aims at the perpetuation of his own supremacy and that of his kin, his friends, and his party. As far as he may resort to unpopular measures, he does so for the sake of these objectives. He does not invest and accumulate capital. He constructs fortresses and equips armies. (HA: 850)

It’s hopeless, Caitlin. You cannot stop humans from pursuing their agendas (nor of course should you try). It’s true that the world needs heroes who will sacrifice themselves for something that is unprofitable to most. But if you want to be such a hero, you need to wise up first.

China has accomplished more in the past 30 years than it had in the previous 3,000.

And it all happened when its Oriental-communist despotic government sort of disappeared for a while and there was freedom.

Let us rejoice that a billion more people are now living in the modern world and are part of global social cooperation — which at the same time also profits those of us in the West.