The most efficient way to steal is to attach yourself to the government’s tit.

The great whore will suckle you, etc.

You’ll live a worthless life but in a narrow sense a prosperous one.

I have a better idea, Ann: do absolutely nothing about drugs.

Repeal all anti-drug laws. Not a penny of taxpayer money on the drug war. “Execute” nobody.

Everybody has an inalienable right to ruin his own life including by doing drugs.

At the same time, release the cops to throw the addicted street vagrants out of society. Send them to Siberia.

Government men like Fauci are vicious if effete predators. What Fauci doesn’t realize is that he himself will be eaten the moment his fellow wolves feel that he has outlived his usefulness.

Hunter Lewis:

The FDA will also discourage, and often ban, substances that might compete with approved drugs.

When antidepression drugs… were approved, the Agency promptly banned a natural substance, L-Tryptophan, that increased serotonin, even though the natural substance was much cheaper and had long been available.

Many years later, after the antidepression drugs were well established, Tryptophan was finally allowed back, but under restrictions that made it more expensive. (Where Keynes Went Wrong, 177-8)

Well, that explains the mystery of the war on ivermectin, NAC, vitamin C treatments, and so on in connection with COVID.

David Cole is right that leftists are animated by a powerful vision and fight for it. Because of their devotion, they usually defeat the dull, fearful, and apathetic conservatives.

The vast army of booboisie often falls before a small strike force of dedicated fanatics.

But the absence of a bold positive ideological vision on the right has always been a problem.

Andrew Napolitano is right that both the government’s mandating vaccines to businesses and the government’s prohibiting businesses from requiring their workers to be vaccinated are anti-property rights and anti-libertarian.

But if the vaccines are designed to destroy the human race, the problem acquires special significance. If we’re in a kind of war with Bill Gates and Co., some sacrifices of libertarian principles can at times be made.

In addition, a state prohibiting the mandate can counteract the feds’ imposing the mandate, though it would be better if the state could simply nullify the federal edict without taking any positive action of its own.


… antibodies are not a substitute for vaccination, which is more powerful because vaccines prevent infection from occurring in the first place…

Also CNN:

Arana had been vaccinated against Covid-19, but she developed a breakthrough infection. …

Last month, Kidda’s 68-year-old father, John Daniell, who lives outside of Atlanta, tested positive for Covid-19, even though he was fully vaccinated.

Does Elizabeth Cohen remember what she writes from one paragraph to the next? Note also this point:

Those criteria [for eligibility for monoclonal antibodies treatment] are quite broad, given that one of the medical conditions is being overweight, which includes nearly 75% of Americans over age 20…

So the fatsos who irresponsibly ruined their own health get to be privileged over normal people in getting treatment. These selfish corpulent blobs of flesh are hogging the resources that would otherwise go to more deserving people if only they hadn’t so immorally devoured so many donuts. They chose an unhealthy lifestyle, and their actions have cost us all. We as a society must force them to shape up. Let us set up a weight passport under which only fit people will be able to buy and sell and participate in society. Under this new normal, a business will have to weigh each customer, and entry will be denied if the weight is too high. Not fit? No job! We can also build internment camps for the uncooperative tubs of ugly lard where they will be isolated and compelled to exercise. They must sacrifice their alleged “individual rights” for the greater good of society.

Truth is the first casualty of war. And that makes sense. Most wars have terrible costs. But if people doubt the war chiefs, including for excellent reasons, they might refuse to sacrifice for the war effort. And if enough people do that, the war may be lost.

To prevent this from happening, “noble lies” must be told for the sake of the “greater good.” Truth-tellers must be repressed; dissenters, punished.

Lies come to be in the service of collective violence.

Similarly, if we’re at war with COVID, and the vaccines are the only path to victory, there can be no debate about costs, side effects, and so on. All must fall in line and take it for the team. Some will be harmed and die, but their sacrifice will benefit all, and the war will be won.

This view can be attacked on a number of grounds, but it explains the COVID militancy.