Gordon makes excellent points about the concept of “solidarity.”

His opponent Piketty defines it as being “part of a joint enterprise.” It’s true that there are numerous enterprises under capitalism rather than a single giant state socialist firm.

But if we define the enterprise most generally as the building of a great society or civilization, I do not see why the people engaged in it cannot feel solidarity in that.

The issue then is, given this end, what’s the best means of attaining it? Socialism or capitalism? If libertarians are right, and capitalism moves this enterprise forward and socialism destroys it, then solidarity is not only compatible with but requires capitalism.

It’s true that capitalism features both cooperation and competition, but the competition need not ruin solidarity. It can be made gentlemanly by the virtue of sportsmanship; as one athlete put it, “I love my competitors, but I’d hate to let them win.”

Mises argues:

This anticapitalist propaganda is a systematic scheme for the substitution of tedium for the joy of labor. … The worker rejoices in his place in society and his active cooperation in its productive effort. If one disparages this ideology and replaces it by another which represents the wage earner as the distressed victim of ruthless exploiters, one turn the joy of labor into a feeling of disgust and tedium. (HA: 590-1)

Piketty has attacked the genuine solidarity of capitalism in just this vein without offering any alternative, since socialist solidarity, no less than socialist calculation, is impossible.

Theodore Dalrymple likes songbirds and wild dogs and would be disturbed by their disappearance.

He concludes: “So I am in favor of preserving and even improving the environment — just not as an excuse for totalitarianism.”

Ok fine. It’s clear that he wants other people to preserve the environment. He is unwilling to pay his own money for this cause. He wants it for free, at taxpayer expense, and to top it off, he expects the government to balance saving the birds and economic development in such a way as to meet with his, Dalrymple’s, approval.

But if other people share his concerns, why not band together, collect enough cash, buy land, and turn it into a nature preserve, both in England and Africa? Why not put your money where your mouth is?

It’s easy to coerce non-environmentalists into your pet projects. But it’s hardly a responsible thing to do.

The Californians love the “environment,” but they don’t realize that the environment does not love them and in fact wants to kill them.

Ron Unz discusses USS Liberty, a subject new to me, and, among other things, looks at the evidence for the theory that the attack was a conspiracy by President Lyndon Johnson and Israel. The idea was to stage a false flag attack, blame Egypt, and bomb Cairo with nukes in retaliation. We were delivered from World War 3 only because Liberty miraculously survived.

And yet Unz flat-out rejects as absurd the idea that 9/11 was a false flag by the Bush administration. His main argument appears to be that Cheney had health problems and presumably had more important things to worry about than plotting the attack. But this is inadequate. Is the argument that old sick people cannot be evil? I’d say the opposite is true: a weak and corrupt body leads to a corrupt mind. It may have been precisely Cheney’s physical heart’s problem that darkened his spiritual heart.

The only problem with the Jan 6 “insurrection” is that the protesters failed to destroy the state.

Fat people know perfectly well that their condition is objectively shameful but, being too weak and lazy to improve themselves, object to being shamed.

They do protest too much, methinks.

I pointed out before that obesity is a major COVID co-morbidity. Instead of blaming the unvaxxed for your own failures and shaming them into taking the poison death shot, why not save yourself by losing weight?

In incarnating, Jesus took upon Himself our bodily defects. Therefore, if He had not been murdered, He would have died of old age. But if humanity were better and worshiped Him rather than killed Him, He would have died of old age and then risen for us even more readily.

You know, the Nazis and Soviets actually had to pull the trigger to execute their victims.

Americans today are committing suicide with the vaccines voluntarily and willingly, and they are paying money to their killers.

What’s more, they’re loudly demanding that others join with them in their suicide pact.

What hope is there for these people?

I personally have been taking N-Acetylcysteine for a while and was surprised to see FDA successfully pressuring Amazon to quit selling it.

It could be that NAC is useful as a COVID treatment as an antioxidant, and the FDA sought to shut it down as part of its plot to outlaw non-vaccine treatments.

It’s still available from other retailers such as Swanson Vitamins.