The second most powerful force in the universe is human stupidity.

It can only be beaten by the first most powerful force in the universe: the pain and suffering one feels when his own stupidity hurts him from which he learns.

The only way for mankind to survive in the long run is to internalize the costs of incompetence. Let those who fail bear the entire cost of their idiocy themselves personally.

That means in particular abolishing government schooling.

It won’t work for white people to say they are victims.

They need to deny victim status to blacks, etc., not claim it for themselves.

The Left does not care about victims, but they know that many Americans do, and they use this charity for evil ends. It’s a power play, nothing more. An un-PC person who says he’s a victim will be mercilessly reviled.

It’s in general preposterous to pretend to be a disgusting, pathetic loser to win sympathy points.

What kind of an absurd contrast is it between a “believer” and “skeptic”?

One should believe what is true and disbelieve what is false.

If one is a blanket believer, then he will believe false things. But if one is a blanket skeptic, then he will refuse to acknowledge what is true.

How is any one of these an improvement over the other?

In addition, the two are simply mirror images of each other. If Smith is skeptical about the existence of Bigfoot, is Jones also a skeptic if he is skeptical about Bigfoot’s nonexistence?

Instead, a scientist is neither a believer nor a skeptic; he searches for truth, believes it when he thinks he found it, and is by that fact skeptical about the contrary opinion.

The Left wants to feel intellectually superior to the deplorables. To that end they deny what is obviously true.

It’s a mark of sophistication to reject the plain deliverances of common sense.

Science, leftists believe, works by overturning appearances. It seems that the sun rises and sets, but in fact the earth revolves around the sun. It looks like the desk is solid, but on the atomic level it’s mostly empty space. And so on. They then leap to the conclusion that all phenomena are like that — deceptive on the superficial level but corrected by clever analysis. This, however, is mistaken — often the simplest explanation is the right one. And if you do engage in serious research, you’ll often find that it confirms what common sense indicated at the outset.

Michael Levin pointed all this out in his paper “How Philosophical Errors Impede Freedom.” I find his explanation of misinterpretation of science by the Left the most plausible I’ve seen.

Only victims officially certified by the Left are legitimate, everyone else is a pretender.

Notice that the second and third paragraphs are mutually contradictory:

One of the greatest risks of omicron is the high degree of breakthrough infections, where vaccinated individuals still contract the virus. … the vaccinated… still have the capacity to spread the virus. …

By all accounts, the principal reason why omicron is causing such havoc in the United States is our low rate of vaccination.

Sophia McClennen has mastered newspeak.

Why is it “stupid” to have many different approaches to the pandemic? McClennen never bothers to tell us.

Biden’s edicts are in fact “designed to victimize the public by scaring them, taking away their freedoms, and destroying their dignity.” It is the state’s violence that has “exploded,” not the “far-right”‘s.

Rittenhouse did not “incite violence”; he suffered unjust violence. It was his moral duty to defend himself and the townspeople, and he acquitted himself well.

And so on. It is McClennen herself who is engaged in “denying, attacking, and reversing victim and offender.”