Having beaten you up, I then accuse you of beating me up.

That’s adding insult to injury, right? (Apparently, it’s also some sort of “rule for radicals.”)

But that’s exactly what the United States is doing by accusing Russia and China of plotting world domination.

Mises argued that “rationality” with regard to ends is purposiveness: conscious striving for goals. I take some issue with this view in my Secrets of Metaethics.

What is rationality as applied to means? Is it efficiency, using “the best” means for a task? I like Kirzner’s idea that rationality is a species of intelligence which itself is ability to learn.

Humans then are not perfectly rational, indeed they are often quite irrational. But they do learn, some better than others, are rational to that extent, and as a result the economy displays a measure of orderliness and is subject to definite regularities or laws.

God does not care about animals. He does not need “ecosystems.” He doesn’t care even about natural humans: “And do not presume to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I tell you, God can raise up children to Abraham from these stones.” (Mt 3:9)

The overarching project that stymies God Himself, such that He cannot accomplish it easily and that cost Him His own life on the cross and even before creating the world, is to get His creatures to love each other.

The human heart is extremely vulnerable. The growth of charity in it is lifelong and can be ruined by an astonishing variety of sins. It’s the most subtle thing in the world.

Charity is a metaphysical change in the very nature of the lovers. It quite literally unites their hearts with each other and with God’s heart. Its effects are, as St. Thomas teaches, (spiritual but also bodily in sex) union, mutual indwelling (of souls), ecstasy (a kind of standing beside oneself, self-forgetfulness, transcendence of the ego), and zeal (of the lover for the welfare of the beloved.) Those who love are not just human anymore; they’re literally gods.

And that’s just who God wants to be in communion with: other gods.

So it pays to all of us to assist God in this remarkable task.

Choosing determines all human decisions. In making his choice man chooses not only between various material things and services. All human values are offered for option.

All ends and all means, both material and ideal issues, the sublime and the base, the noble and the ignoble, are ranged in a single row and subjected to a decision which picks out one thing and sets aside another. (HA: 3)

People economize in their pursuit of both base and noble goals. They want to achieve as many of these goals as possible, whatever their nature, and as efficiently as they can. This fact gives rise to economic science.

Consider prophet Nathan’s parable to King David about the poor man’s ewe. David replied: “As the Lord lives, the man who has done this deserves death! He shall make fourfold restitution for the lamb because he has done this and was unsparing.” Then Nathan said to David: “You are the man!” (2 Sam 12)

In this case David convicted himself and sentenced himself to lose four children for his adultery with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah.

And thus for the righteous who still sin, God does not judge them; they judge and punish themselves. Then, after being forgiven by God who stops them from taking their own lives, they recover their state of grace.

The wicked who have no conscience, on the other hand, cannot even see themselves in the true light and neither repent nor do penance. These guys get torn apart by the devils.

Animals are aware of God’s existence on some level. The argument for that is that unlike humans, beasts are innocent and do not deserve the sort of separation from God that many humans suffer from. But they do not pray to Him or talk to Him or know Him or love Him as friends. Pigs are not God’s friends.

That is the reason why God would never have created them unless they could serve humans in various capacities who are able to enter, through charity, into friendship with God.

God does not need a merely natural world, with each creature self-sufficient and self-interested and on its own. He wants a single uni-verse united by love. And only rational beings — God, angels, and humans — are able to love.

Now some animals, like cats and dogs, can be uplifted into a kind of friendship with man. Through that friendship they become connected to the vine and branches, and their souls can be preserved by a special act of God upon human request. If a man wants his dog to go to heaven, God, by loving the owner, can grant the wish. I do not find that at all implausible: it is love that saves, and only it.

Generally, however, animal souls are corruptible and are of no concern to anyone.

In sitcoms, and especially cartoons, such as Disney’s, the characters’ emotions and thinking are extremely clear to the viewers, indeed the emotions, and entire temperaments and personalities, are written on the characters’ faces and acted out transparently.

This includes the interactions where the characters lie (unless it’s a murder mystery or something like that). We know they are lying. Art here is life crystallized.

But the emotions are not so clear to other characters on the show. They are easily misled.

And this helps to generate the requisite comedy or drama.

Clearly, only Jews are allowed to exploit the Holocaust for their own profit.

It’s like some intellectual property, a patent owned and weaponized by Jews. But of course the Holocaust, like World War 2 and all other human history, belong to everyone.

This is such insincere cynical bullshit, it’s ridiculous. Do you really think the Jews are so stupid as to believe their own propaganda on this?

It’s the crazy victimist culture that has enabled this sort of abuse.

According to the article, this is all about the political aim of getting Lipstadt confirmed for a State Department post.

You are free to ignore the preposterous “high alert.”

“COVID anti-vaxxers more prone to depression, study shows.”

Yeah. Contemplating the destruction of the world by vaccine does this to you.

It’s like arguing that during World War I, people who thought the war was horrible were getting depressed. Is the implied solution to start cheering for the war?

Anyway, it’s the “happy” idiots who took the vaxx who will suffer much more.

And that ain’t no “misinformation.”

Rochelle Walensky wants you to keep updating your body’s new operating system that replaced the old inefficient natural version.

Kind of like Microsoft updates Windows once or twice a year.

Except the vaccine OS has numerous bugs and will crash your body.

And there is no way to reboot or uninstall.