Rochelle Walensky wants you to keep updating your body’s new operating system that replaced the old inefficient natural version.

Kind of like Microsoft updates Windows once or twice a year.

Except the vaccine OS has numerous bugs and will crash your body.

And there is no way to reboot or uninstall.

Dr. Jon Barron is his huge book The Complete Baseline of Health evaluates the “natural” human diet. He argues that, contrary to appearances, we are not omnivores like bears but “frugivores” (fruit and nut eaters) like wild chimpanzees based on the nature of our teeth and digestive tract.

I think this is hopeless. We cannot find the optimal diet for ourselves by looking at our primitive past. The primitive past is not our “true nature” which we “evolved” or which progress has “corrupted.” The noble savage is not a standard to emulate.

Human beings are rational, have reason. This too is a perfectly natural fact. With the help of this reason humans build civilizations which too are proper and natural for them to enjoy.

We are built (we evolved, we were created by space aliens, whatever) therefore to create the vast variety of foods that civilization has to offer. It’s obvious, for example, that we are not carnivores like lions. We do not devour raw bloody meat from a still living animal. But we have mastered fire and cooking and can eat a steak in a nice restaurant. And there is nothing unnatural about that.

Each individual food should be evaluated on its own merits. It makes no sense to class anything as natural or unnatural.

I don’t understand why people identify as conservative.

There is nothing to conserve. Every American institution that might at one time or another have been worth defending, apart from the fact that we are not (yet) literally communist, has been destroyed or corrupted.

There needs to be a sweeping revolution, and for that we need fiery radicals, not dull conservatives.

Mises on war and capitalism:

But it would be foolish to deny that the profit system produces the best weapons. …

If the efficiency of capitalism is directed by governments toward the output of instruments of destruction, the ingenuity of private business turn out weapons which are powerful enough to destroy everything.

What makes war and capitalism incompatible with one another is precisely the unparalleled efficiency of the capitalist mode of production. (HA: 827-8)

The little depopulation project currently going on could not have succeeded without the “unparalleled efficiency” of private Big Pharma.

The profit system produces the best bioweapons, too.

So, are white women oppressors for being white, or victims for being female?

I don’t think anyone could have predicted this weird ideology that divides all people into various kinds of oppressors and victims, with some people being both. The left is inventive, I’ll give it that.

Mises points out that “liberal philosophers” had utilitarian visions.

They constructed the vague image of a government whose only objective is to make its citizens happy. This ideal had certainly no counterpart in the Europe of the ancien regime. …

The state, as it appears in their writings, is governed by a perfect superhuman being, a king whose only aim is to promote the welfare of his subjects. (HA: 690)

Now if kings and bureaucrats do not seek “general welfare” but only their own, and individuals in the market also do not seek it, who then is motivated to care for social institutions and “good government”?

Mises answers that everyone is. A smoothly-functioning market economy benefits both all and each. Each citizen, in seeking solely his own welfare, has an incentive to promote good government (which usually translates into no government) because good government profits him personally even in his capacity as a regular citizen unprivileged in any way.

Conversely, if the whole society and economy are in danger or are falling apart, this harms everyone. Therefore, Mises wrote that “everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders; no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way for himself if society is sweeping towards de­struction. Therefore everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle.” (Socialism: 515)

How strong this incentive of self-interest is, is another matter. Perhaps it needs to be supplemented by a sense of duty and charity.

“Hydroxychloroquine shows promise as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.”

No, it’s a crazy conspiracy theory from anti-vaxxers that a horse dewormer (or was that ivermectin?) can so something like that. This “study” is misinformation and must be censored.

Once humanity and the good angels are sufficiently charitable, the light of love their hearts emit will fill the entire created world.

And the demons will come to be affected by it as this light will seek to penetrate into them. But the demons are confirmed in evil, so they cannot possibly accept the light.

They will be forced to flee its advance because they cannot stand it. And the only place for them to hide from it is the demonic hell. And that’s where they’ll end up.