I have no expertise to judge the Fred Kaplan’s analysis, but it may be that the Russian army is “inept” only from the point of view of the American standard of shock-and-awe, destroy-everything, scorched-earth warfare.

If war for Americans is “good” vs. “evil,” why shouldn’t the “evil” be annihilated by any means necessary?

But if one of your goals is to spare as many people as possible and to leave infrastructure and private property unharmed, you are more limited as to what you can do.

Why should God bless America?

Can you give the Lord any reasons to do so?

Or are you content with ordering Him around?

It’s true that Zelensky is Jewish.

But Nazism is a political and economic ideology, not “hatred of Jews.”

Nazism is not the same as antisemitism.

If Nazis are essentially nationalistic, socialistic, and militaristic, they can in addition hate anyone they please. If there are Ukrainian Nazis, they can accept Jews but hate and persecute ethnic Russians. I mean, why not?

It is the Americans, not Russians, who, when invading a country, seek to “bomb it into Stone Age.”

It is Americans who are evil men who are deluded enough falsely to think of themselves as righteous.

I agree that Putin wants to capture Ukraine intact with as few casualties as possible and no destruction of property. This is going to be difficult, and he should hurry up.

Every day he tarries, he is losing the propaganda war to the West. They know too well how to manipulate the mob.

It is possible that if Ukraine had allowed Donetsk and Lugansk to secede, just as Ukraine itself seceded from the Soviet Union, and either stay independent or join Russia upon a referendum of their people, this war would have been averted.

Once again we see that following the principles of natural law ensures peace, and breaking them, when obedience to law takes a backseat to pursuit or maintenance of power, leads to ruin.

I think that the talk of Ukrainian “Nazis” is Russian propaganda.

Who even cares about the ideologies of the Ukrainians? Each person will have his own views. Even if some are Nazis, and there’re probably Nazis in every country, they weren’t planning to attack Russia.

So that’s probably just nonsense used to whip up patriotic fervor among the Russian soldiers.

Still, this doesn’t mean complete absence of casus belli.

Better Red than dead, I say.

And we’re not even in any danger of becoming Red, other than from our own homegrown Democrats.

On Nov 25, 2020, I posted the following:

Whoever ends up President, I just hope he won’t start a thermonuclear war. In that case, we’ll probably survive 4 more years, most of us.

Yes, I have very low expectations of governments. But that shouldn’t be a surprise coming from a libertarian.

Was I excessively optimistic?

I think Putin made a mistake in invading Ukraine.

For one, you cannot control a war. (The very essence of war is out of control violence.) Anything can ruin your plans, and will. Secondly, the entire West is being propagandized now to hate Russia. There is no telling what they will do.

Putin and the Russian people should have suffered the continued U.S. aggression.

But you can’t expect saintliness or martyrdom from a ruler of a country.