It may have been Peter Bauer who pointed out that foreign aid is the means by which poor people in rich countries give money to rich people in poor countries.

This is certainly true of Biden’s $33 billion in “aid” for Ukraine. This isn’t “American leadership,” this is, as usual, theft.

Not a penny for Ukraine!

The Russia-Ukraine war would have long ended if the U.S. had told Zelensky to negotiate.

What a stupid, corrupt government this country is cursed with.

IMF Director: We Didn’t Think Through the Consequences of Printing Too Much Money.

They’ve never seen the equation of exchange, MV = PQ? They’ve never seen the graph of the supply of and demand for money linking purchasing power of money with quantity of money?

Are these masters of the universe really that stupid?

“Indonesia to ban exports of cooking oil to reduce shortages.”

Wow. In the first place, market economies don’t have shortages. But second, once you’ve cut off the demand, what do you think will happen to equilibrium quantity of oil produced?

And with production curtailed, what’s President Widodo going to do about the inevitable unemployment?

Wouldn’t expanding the supply be much more reasonable? If you absolutely have to intervene, why not subsidize the oil?

The social media is obsessed with not making trannies, blacks, Muslims, Ukrainians, etc. “uncomfortable.”

Yet they think nothing of killing people in foreign wars. It’s “Islamophobic” to criticize the tenets of Islam, but slaughtering Muslims in the Middle East is hunky-dory. The former is oppression, the latter is not.

Asians in America are a some sort of protected class, Asians in China are our enemies.

Ukrainians are great heroes, that’s why we’ll prolong their war with Russia, which Ukraine will still lose and which will increase the casualties, by sending them weapons.

It’s like it would be Ok to kill trannies in their native Transylvania if, before you pumped them full of lead, you used the correct pronouns.

An airplane is private property of the airline company. It is that company that should decide whether to demand masks on its own airplanes. The government should have no say in this matter.

The same is true of airports: whoever owns them gets to set the rules for their use by customers.

At first, very early in the “pandemic,” the airlines did enforce masks, but then they stopped. That is the end of the matter. The CDC should butt out (actually, the CDC should not even exist).

If the government destroys the economy, and people are starving and fighting for the last ounce of gasoline at gas stations, believe me, no one at that point will care about pronouns.

White people very properly don’t get outraged by black crime. This is because blacks lack agency and are like a natural disaster.

You don’t get mad at a tornado for tearing up the town, for the same reason it is pointless to condemn blacks.

A black-infested neighborhood is like a plague-infested swamp, you just avoid it, and if you go there and get in trouble, it’s your own fault.