“Disinformation” is simply anything the government does not like.

If Nina Jankowicz declares “2 + 2 = 4” disinformation, you’ll be censored for it.

There should be no such thing as “energy policy.”

Energy production, like everything else, should be left to the market. If “fossil fuels” are superior and are chosen by the consumers, then that’s what ought to be produced.

If renewables are superior and profitable, again as determined by the consumers, then let them honestly compete and prove themselves.

End all subsidies, regulations, restrictions on energy production, and all will be well.

I think, however, that the current administration is dead set on throwing us into dark ages. They should come out and say:

We are trying to kill people and destroy the economy not only in America but in the entire West. Our aim is depopulation and decivilization. We will sacrifice you to improve the climate, and we suggest that you die ASAP.

This would make things clear.

On such a beautiful day like today, all of nature is alive with gladness.

By that I mean that the fittest who have survived are glad. Those who died or are in the process of being devoured are not.

The leftists are likening non-perverse education to book banning.

Ron DeSantis and his GOP allies are pushing a bill … that would prohibit public schools [from making] white people squirm. Those poor, wittle babies.

The kids are poor, wittle babies!

The whole thing is idiotic. Of course we have to control what children read and see. In the first place, their personalities are still forming. It is easy to corrupt them. Some art should be off-limits to kids. That’s the point of movie ratings, for example. It is a good idea to select appropriate books for them, too.

Second, the best thing you can do for your kids is to expose them to the right teachers. It is better to let your kids read Rothbard than Marx. But if you don’t trust either, just tell them the basics. When they are old enough, they can decide if they want to plunge themselves into controversies.

It is the left of course that is at the forefront of censorship for adults. Every time another dissident is deplatformed, they cheer. They’re being disingenuous, but what else is new?