Unlike angels who are pure contemplators, humans have both active and contemplative lives.

As a result, we live in 4 time periods: past, present, and future in active life, and timelessness in contemplation and thought.

There must therefore be two parts to the afterlife: the contemplative heaven and the active paradise between which the blessed are able to switch at their pleasure.

And the important thing to understand about paradise is that past and future are inferior tenses to present.

It is the present that is the fundamental reality. We will of course have memories and be able to foresee or anticipate the future, but these powers will recede into background.

There is no reason to dwell on the past or future when the present is so blissful. Therefore, no pleasure in paradise will ever cloy or become boring. Every moment will bring fresh joys.

God makes near-death experiencers forget what He wants them to forget and allows them to remember what He wants them to remember.

The by now common knowledge of some aspects of the afterlife from NDE accounts is no accident. Everything about NDEs exudes cool, calm, no-nonsense, effortless, perfect divine control.

God wanted us to know these things at this stage in mankind’s existence.

Biden should be honest about what he wants and say something like this:

“We will take away your guns so you are defenseless against our onslaught.

“We will take away your cars, and you’ll be waiting for hours in freezing cold to get into an overcrowded bus.

“We will take away your meat, and you’ll be eating worms.

“We will corrupt your children to become sick perverts and communist fanatics.

“We will take away everything you hold dear, and if you object, we will put you in prison where you will die, horribly, with pain.

“This is for those of you who will survive. The rest of you, take the vaccine and drop dead. This planet belongs to us, the ruling elite. You, useless eaters, are taking up the space that is rightfully ours.”

The fundamental cultural malaise in America today is that people have altogether lost their fear of God — and likewise their fear of His law.

They compete with each other at who can perv most outrageously, not just in action but also intellectually. They glory in their own madness.

But fear is a foundational virtue: undermine it, and the entire soul crumbles and corrupts.

Stealing elections is a logical evolution of the Party of Chaos. Expect more of this stuff in November. This empire, this Tower of Babel, is falling apart.

I would have hope for this country if it weren’t for those damn vaccines. As it is, who knows.

If it were possible to eliminate both violent crime and government tyranny by banning guns, the measure would deserve consideration.

But if guns are outlawed, the criminals will still have guns (and other weapons besides), and the government police will also still have guns (and again other weapons).

The citizens will be oppressed both from below, the beasts of the underworld, and from above, the demons of the overworld. This clearly does not work.

The Covid fiasco is like a bad dark fantasy video game.

A powerful necromancer secretly unleashed a plague on the land. He then came out to the villagers and offered them a cure. Everyone flocked to him and praised him as their savior. In gratitude, many joined his Cult of the Damned. In fact, the cure turned the villagers into undead to swell the necromancer’s army with which he hoped to conquer the world.

This of course is a variation on Warcraft III and other like stories.

And it’s reality now.

They’re fucking with and corrupting young girls, says Steve Sailer.

It’s like some crazy version of libertarianism which takes economic subjectivism to mean not an economic methodology but that any desire of any person is worth satisfying.

Economists indeed consider satisfaction of desires, whatever they are, to increase “welfare” or “happiness.” Subjectivism takes human ends as given, and economics discerns the most efficient means to those ends, as far as social cooperation is concerned. But that’s a self-conscious limitation of economics. Other disciplines, ethics for example, reserve the right to judge ends themselves, not just means. Ends too can be good and evil, etc. Not all “desires” are equal.

A 14-year-old girl decides she’s a boy? On you go with puberty blockers, surgery, and sterilization. Because we all know that the most vulnerable and malleable type of humans, young women, always know what they are doing and make the right decisions.