The Canadian government is giving away free drugs.

This is not how you do libertarianism.

If you want to ruin your own life, at least do so on your own dime.

People just can’t seem to hit the bull’s-eye with this stuff.

But I guess, as with the vaccines, the state is now the official poisoner of the people.

Brian Wilkins makes an interesting observation.

People who watch a girl on TikTok eat chicken with weird “pink sauce” “expressed concern about someone selling a strange food item with questionable ingredients. Of course these are the same people cheerleading for experimental mRNA injections.”

See, the girl is “crazy” because she does something odd alone. I mean, she’s a “freak.” You wouldn’t do something like that, right?

But everyone is getting the “vaccines,” those mysterious concoctions that injure and kill people left and right and quite likely have other still unknown disastrous effects. Therefore, let us get this shit, too!

Like lemmings, they despise the dissidents and follow the crowd even to their own demise.

Maybe Keynes was right: it is better to fail conventionally than to succeed unconventionally.

I’m applying for a job with the Federal Reserve.

I want personally to profit from the money printing machine. I want to print new money and give it to myself.

I want to be the winner who gets the new money first. Let the moronic masses, the saps, the suckers, the dupes, the worthless losers suffer inflation while I grow fat and happy.

Obviously the Fed is evil, but since people don’t realize it, I, as its future employee, will collect massive amounts of cash while laughing at these pathetic multitudes with contempt.

They think the Fed is serving the common good. Ha ha, idiots, you’ve been had! I’m ripping you off, and what fun that is! I have conned you, and you are thanking me for a job well done. Keep praising me, future master of the universe, out to scam you, the stupid and ignorant mob.

It used to be that you were a winner if you had money or accomplishments or fame.

Things have changed.

Now you’re a winner if you’ve stayed non-vaxxed, if you’ve avoided becoming a “woke” nutjob, if your town hasn’t been overrun by illegal aliens, if peaceful protestors haven’t burned and looted your business, if your kids haven’t turned trans.

The way things are going, we’ll be “winners” simply if we survive a few more years.

Even if you hold that government has a role to play in producing public goods like roads, it remains that government is vastly less efficient at producing public goods than private enterprise at producing private goods.

Using the state should always be the last resort, when all else has failed.

The “Trans Bill of Rights” further erases the distinctions between men and women.

It would therefore seem to grant the feminists the very equality they always sought.

But feminists do not like this. This shows that they never wanted equality, they wanted power (without responsibility).

And now power, in the hands of the Democrats, is biting them on the pussy. Ironic indeed.

The ethics of “moral bioenhancement” is interesting as long as the philosopher doesn’t assume that the essence of morality is obedience to power.

Because zombifying humans is what bioenhancement will probably come to in actual practice.

It may end up being public education on steroids, literally.

The assumption, which is unlikely to be true, is that it will be moral saints who will be enhancing others, rather than moral monsters using the same technology making others worse.

Who, in other words, will be enhancing the would-be enhancers?

You know, Ukraine’s legendary corruption spills over to their conduct of war.

I don’t think these guys give a rat’s ass about their own troops.