Pollution has nothing to do with “climate change.”

CO2 is not a pollutant! It’s an essential atmospheric gas and plant food. We need more of it, not less.

As for pollution, it’s nothing new. It’s always been a problem. The solution is better enforcement of property rights, more efficient trash disposal, and use of smarter tech that causes fewer negative externalities.

It’s the job of future generations to solve these problems.

Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski:

Thus, one has to wonder about the motives behind the globalist clique’s frenzied destruction of the present socioeconomic order. Surely, its members are cunning enough to realize the insurmountable nature of the challenges mentioned above.

Communists were mistaken about the glories of communism. That didn’t stop them from destroying half the world.

Billions of people were mistaken about the efficacy and safety of the Covid vaccines. Nonetheless, they zealously demanded that skeptics kill themselves with this shit too.

The globalists too are mistaken about the utility of depopulation and totalitarianism to them. They’re going on with this project anyway.

The essence of faith consists in three points.

1) Regarding the past: The Incarnation occurred, whose meaning is that God, who was hated, destroyed in every way, and murdered by humans, despite His infinite dignity that made this crime the worst imaginable, still loved mankind and proved it by rising and uniting His humanity with the Godhead.

2) Regarding the future: This divine charity toward humans that was confirmed in such a spectacular way comes with the gift of the kingdom of heaven, to those who succeed at fitting themselves for it in this life.

3) Regarding the present: Having given you grace to have faith in senses (1) and (2), God will be eager, as time goes on, to deepen His relationship with you.

The U.S. government tells Putin: “If you hadn’t invaded Ukraine, we wouldn’t have supplied weapons to it. It’s your own fault. You should take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.”

Suppose Putin nukes Washington, D.C. and tell us, “If you hadn’t supplied weapons to Ukraine, we wouldn’t have decapitated you. It’s your own fault. You should take responsibility, etc.”

Will that be a lot of comfort?

Of course, Americans today are impatient with this kind of self-reflection and will simply say, “Yeah, but we do what we feel like, and you shut up and take it. The strong do what they can (and we’re strong), the weak suffer what they must (and you’re weak).”

But maybe Russia, China, etc. aren’t that weak anymore (and America, not that strong). Will it take a nuclear strike to make Americans grow up?

As I suggested then, transgenderism may be viewed as evolution of modern art toward greater and greater ugliness as people carve up their own bodies to become disgusting filth.

They then attack art critics, into which I include every non-crazy person, for reasonably giving their foul creations a thumbs-down.

But if you can’t handle negative reviews, pick an occupation different from “perverted freak.”

I wonder if the Democrats expect cookies for raiding Trump’s house.

They’ve sown the wind by this action, who knows what they’ll reap.

David French: “a former president is [not] above the law.” Huh? What law? There is no law for the feds, there is only power, don’t you know that?

I do think that Trump will not run in 2024, he will most likely die in prison.

Brittney Griner is black, a woman, a lesbian, ugly, and a violent criminal.

So she’s extremely intersectional and therefore marginalized and oppressed.

No wonder the woke, led by the Biden administration, want her freed.

Riddle me this. What happens when I own nothing but am not happy?

What if, in fact, I’m so unhappy (and due to owning nothing have nothing to lose) that I’m prepared to do something unpleasant to the members of the World Economic Forum?

Like lynch the bastards.

They’ll probably try to liquidate every such unhappy person.

But what happens if they resist?