David Cole discusses a paper by Ion Meyn in which

A “Racial Disparity Cap” (RDC) would assign criminal defendants a score based on their skin color/ethnicity. Whites would be the baseline, and all nonwhite criminal defendants would have their scores lowered based on their level of nonwhiteness.

Those with the lowest scores would be treated more leniently in court.

As usual with the Left, this is the opposite of what is needed.

Non-whites, and blacks especially, are, by virtue of being less rational and more present-oriented, less deterrable than whites. This means that the threat of the same punishment strikes less fear into their hearts and prevents less crime by them. They are likewise less (or even not at all) deterred by prospect of disgrace or by moral scruples. As a result, if the goal is equality in effective deterrence, blacks should be punished more severely than non-blacks for the same crimes.

Blacks are also more hateful and savage than whites and are thus harder to reform or rehabilitate. It is therefore counterproductive to give them lighter sentences because when they leave prison, they will offend again and again. Proportionately more black criminals than white, therefore, require not reformation but condemnation in the form of life imprisonment or death penalty. Harsher punishments for the same crimes can be defended on this ground also.

This paper seeks to codify privileges to the non-white criminal class, to bestow immunity on bandits of brute races. This monstrous policy must be resisted, but are the Republicans too dumb to mount an offensive?

The Left does not “question authority” because they are authority.

They have reconciled themselves to power and are enjoying the perks that come with wielding it.

Stalin was once a revolutionary who sought to overthrow the existing order; when he himself became tyrant, he killed millions of enemies of the state.

The Left, having overthrown “bourgeois morality” and Christianity, has replaced them with its own morality which is now being strictly enforced.

Let you mind be bound to truth;

your will to goodness;

the power of your body to beauty;

and your whole self to unity.

The vaccine holocaust is not divine punishment.

Divine punishment takes the form of guilt or spiritual darkness or sense of angelic contempt, not physical death. It might, for example, be a bad dream during which you suffer.

It is meted out to you for your own personal sin, not for some alleged collective crime. God will not punish an individual living in America because the U.S. empire is violent and crazy, though it is.

And while you live, it is intended to correct the soul not destroy the body.

This happened because a bunch of evil men, deceived by demons, did evil things. God acts in mysterious ways, and His providence sees until the end of the world, but He has no immediate duty to save us from ourselves.

But though many will be lost, the world as a whole will endure.

Reading between the lines:

If a suspect’s race is not mentioned in the story, then he’s black. (God forbid you have a hate thought while reading a crime report.)

If the cause of a man’s death is not mentioned, he died from the vaccine. (I’d rather be a conspiracy theorist than a statistic.)

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky acknowledges failure in Covid response.

As a result, will CDC go out of business, i.e., be abolished?

Will Walensky be fired?

Of course not. Instead, she’ll be given more money and power. In the free market failure is punished, in government it is rewarded. So what else is new?

What kind of consolation is it, “everything happens for a reason”?

I pushed the button on my electric kettle. That happened for a reason: I wanted to boil some water for my coffee. I was fired from a job. That happened for a reason: I was lazy. That can’t be it.

If you do not believe in a loving God who exercises wise providence over the world, this phrase is meaningless.

The point is that some people are scandalized by what happens to them and ask God for an explanation of their misfortunes. The answers are not always, or even usually, forthcoming.

But if one’s faith is strong, then he can accept both (1) that his suffering is part of a good plan and (2) that he personally has not been forgotten by God, that God is not sacrificing him for the “greater good.” He can then struggle to overcome the adversity.

I don’t understand how the Democrats can start blaming Trump for pressuring the FDA to ignore vaccine safety problems when it’s been their own public policy, guided by Science, for the past 2 years to get everyone in the world vaccinated.

Biden tried to mandate the poison death shot for almost everyone in America and did mandate it for medical workers.

The Biden administration paid billions to the media to advertise the vaccines.

Those who warned about the holocaust were vilified, persecuted, and ruined.

Maybe the Democrats have always been against the vaccines, just as we have always been at war with Russia.

Is it that they can longer hide the dead bodies? Or it is purely about Trump, and to hell with contradictions? Many purebloods still support Trump, maybe it’s a way of turning them against him?

Student loan forgiveness is Democrats paying off their young woke university-“educated” supporters.

That’s how politics works: you reward your friends and punish your enemies.

But our court intellectuals keep insisting that the looting is for the greater good. Their effusions are part of the ancient project of deification of the state, in this case of ascribing to the state the power and goodness of divine providence.

Yet it’s as much of a lie as the divine right of kings.

Many people doubt the reality of God’s providence. How can so much undeniable evil in the world lead to some eventual happy and glorious end? But they do not doubt the providence of the state. What seems like a transparently immoral bribe that will likely raise college tuition prices even higher, they think, is somehow in fact in the interest of the whole country.

Thus they would not worship God but worship government devils instead. The more things change, the more they stay the same.